Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"The secretary made me do it!"

From the NY Post:

Former City Council Speaker Peter Vallone’s lobbying firm was hit with a mind-boggling $470,000 fine — but got it knocked down to $70,000 after it hired the former head of the State Lobby Commission to plead its case before a judge.

The fine was for failing to file annual reports with the City Clerk’s Office for each client that pays the firm $2,000 or more a year.

A spokesman for Constantinople & Vallone — which billed more than $2.5 million last year and was the city’s No. 3 lobbyist by income — blamed a “renegade” secretary for misleading the partners into thinking the filings had been completed on schedule when, in fact, they were delayed for nearly a year in many cases.

“They [Vallone and his partners] accepted [the secretary’s] remarkable claim that it was ‘impossible’ to print out a filing confirmation from the e-Lobbyist system,” said administrative law Judge Kevin Casey.

The judge pointed out that the partners were responsible for certifying the filings, but instead delegated the job to a “disorganized subordinate."


Anonymous said...

YO PETE...yo's a lawyer...so cuts out the crap!
Wah, wah, wah...you didn't know...ha, ha, ha!


Didn't comedian Flip Wilson always claim,
"The Devil made me do it"?

That's a far fuckin' better excuse than yours.

Anonymous said...

La Famiglia di Vallone...political mafiosi...up to their old law breaking stunts again!

Load all lobbyists on a ship and torpedo it!

Anonymous said...

Time for Pete to dump the rug on his dome, and go manly bald like his son Paulo.

Anonymous said...

I fucking hate them so much. It is truly unreal what they get away with. Stop voting Vallone into office. That fucking dick.

Anonymous said...

Right up there with "my dog ate my homework." Seriously, didn't these guys ever learn about the law of agency: a principal is vicariously liable for the actions of his agent.

Guinea Guy Gaetanno said...

Eh goombah....
RU blaming it all on one of your soldieri now?

Don Vallone doesn't know what went on...
must be losing his marbles.

Anonymous said...

That little smug Constantinople Jr is a straight up toolbag . Too bad he will never get out of the shadow of Old Man Vallone or his own father.What a joke, a company who is supposed to navigate clients both legislatively and regulations cant even navigate themselves through New York's lobbying regulations. What a cop out excuse "the secretary" made me do it. I hope they learn from this and change their secretary's duties to answering phones and making copies, instead of giving a totally under qualified person serious responsibilities. C'Mon Mafioso, she's a Secretary for a reason!