Saturday, September 22, 2012

Conversion of Rockaway firehouse in limbo

From the Daily News:

Grand plans to transform a shuttered Rockaway firehouse into a cultural and environmental center have been stymied by bureaucratic red tape, according to the group selected by the city to purchase the site.

The Rockaway Waterfront Alliance beat out other groups in 2009 for the right to purchase the decommissioned Engine Co. 265 Ladder 121 firehouse at Beach 59th St.

It seemed like a sweet deal. The purchase price for the 7,200-square-foot building was $1.
But the nonprofit group said they never expected the approvals and paperwork needed to seal the deal would move at such a glacial pace.

“We thought we would go through ULURP and be on our way,” said Jeanne DuPont, executive director of the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance, referring to the Uniform Land Use Review Process.

DuPont said the group laid out about $200,000 for architectural drawings, site surveys, construction documents and environmental reviews.

They are hoping to be reimbursed with promised grants.

“The grants won’t be released until we own the building,” she said. “We’re building debt and going into dangerous waters.”


Anonymous said...

Now if they wanted to put in a 30 story building the entire machinery of the city would be placed at their disposal.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is probably stalling tem because he thinks the old firehouse would be a llovely place for a new mosque.

Anonymous said...

If they wanted to get HPD in the mix like they did at the Averne by the Sea & other condos, this would be hurried through. Cos everybody can scam when HPD is involved.
Beach 59th Street? what a lousy gangbanger location.