Friday, March 23, 2012

Who left the keys in the ignition?

From the Daily News:

Vandals plowed through a nearly completed Far Rockaway playground early Tuesday morning after commandeering a parked construction vehicle, authorities said.

Someone jumped into a John Deere excavator parked outside Beach 29th St. around 4 a.m. and rammed through a chainlink fence, officials said.

They wrecked the slides and climbing equipment, before trying to break into two construction trailers at the site.

The park, an oasis among weed-filled empty lots near the Rockaway Beach boardwalk, was slated to open this summer.


Anonymous said...

It should not be hard for the police to solve this crime - think out of the box.

It's an unbelievable occurance that sets back the use of the park for 1-2 years to replace all of the damaged play equipment.

Anonymous said...

Community leaders need to look to discover the root causes of such vandalism.

Anonymous said...

Thats what happens when the foreman is from Nassau or Rockland.

Anonymous said...

It's probably not that hard to get one of these started without the key. I doubt the keys were left in the ignition. I used to drive Mack trucks that were all keyed alike, and just about any Mack key would start them. And I bet they could be started with something stuck in the key hole and jiggled around. Same for electric jacks that require a key. They are pretty easy to get started with any key of the same approximate size.

Anonymous said...

THe mutts know that most precincts only put 2 or 3 cars on patrol on the midnight tour (except manhattan). meals take each car out for an hour,arrests,and other duties can leave (and often do)only 1 car on patrol.Still feel safe while you're sleeping?

Anonymous said...

its not white people who would damage the playground for the underprivileged now is it?