Thursday, March 29, 2012

Johnny still playing the race card

From the NY Post:

Even City Comptroller John Liu agrees — the arrests of his campaign treasurer and his top donor for allegedly scheming to make straw donations have likely torpedoed his planned run for mayor in 2013.

“That’s certainly an understandable assessment,” Liu told The Associated Press.

He also acknowledged the suspicions among his supporters that his campaign was targeted because he — and the bulk of his donors — are ethnically Chinese.

“People ask me almost every day: ‘How come they’re only investigating your campaign?’ ” he said. “I can’t answer definitively if there’s racial or ethnic targeting going on here.”

From the NY Post:

Liu’s campaign, recall, hauled in buckets of $800 donations, many of them supposedly from supermarket cashiers, hotel maids and cooks. Such an amount is equivalent to a full week’s salary or two for these folks.

Did the other pols get similar gifts? Not quite:

City Councilwoman Margaret Chin (D-Chinatown) got plenty of donations from bakers, cooks and seamstresses — but they rarely surpassed $30 per person.

Councilman Peter Koo (D-Flushing) self-financed most of his 2009 campaign, but the rest of his donations came from doctors, bankers, managers, engineers . . . with just a single $25 check from one waiter.

What might explain Liu’s lucky $800s?

Donors who are looking to circumvent campaign-finance laws.


Anonymous said...

The season finale is coming up soon.

Liu is behind the 8 ball...
make that the very unlucky $800 ball.

But that pipsqueak will hold onto his arrogance until he sinks to the bottom.

No doubt that he will then try to lord it over the rest of the bottom feeders in the muck and the slime.

Anonymous said...

Johnny's a high stakes loser,
no matter what card game he plays.

The odds are always with the house and the house, in this case, are those relentless feds!

Liu can only try and keep up a good poker face 'til he's swallowed up by the system that he's mocked.

Then he might wind up getting poked by his cellmate (5 card stud or 5 stud...whatever).

In that particular game of Johnny on the pony...Johnny will definitely be on the bottom.

Liu has gambled with his career and lost the last piece of his grubsteak.

Now, it's time for him to exit the casino.

But he won't...
wah, wah, wah, wah...cry baby Johnny...until the very end.

LibertyBoyNYC said...

WAAAAH I'm a crook and the other crooks won't play with me WAAAAAH

Anonymous said...

Liu might continue to play the race card but he's definitely out of the race for mayor.

He may have also wrecked his former financial career.

What respectable firm would want to hire an actuary who can't even keep tabs on his own political campaign donations?

He also happens to be the son of a convicted felon.

But Johnny could apply for a job with the Taiwanese mafia...maybe stir fry their books a little.

"Yes sir, you got garlic sauce coming up...with 2 deep fried bank rolls to go".

It's a long fall from the top, ain't it, though?

Happy landing John.

Anonymous said...

liu ,former chmn. of the NY City Council Transportation Committee, can always get a job driving a school bus from Flushing.Main street to Francis Lewis Blvd.

not to worry about him....