Sunday, March 25, 2012

Avella vs. Padavan rematch?

From Douglaston Patch:

Having deferred Congressional ambitions, State. Sen. Tony Avella, D-Bayside, announced on Monday that he will run to be re-elected to the state Senate.

A Republican contender for the seat has yet to emerge, but Queens GOP leaders are hoping former Sen. Frank Padavan will attempt to regain his old seat.

Avella had been named as a potential candidate for U.S. Rep. Gary Ackerman's, D-Bayside, seat after the long-time congressman recently announced that he would retire. But the senator has, instead, decided to support state Assemblywoman Grace Meng's, D-Flushing, bid for Congress.

Avella said he is planning to run again for the Senate.

The Queens GOP hopes Padavan will take up arms for his old seat. Avella and Padavan last faced off in 2009. At that time, Padavan had been the 38-year incumbent.


Anonymous said...

padavan needs to stay in retirement he almost lost the last election and then lost to avella

dan the man halloran is makig a play for congress in order to get out of vallones way

the republicans have no one other than that ultra conservative elio (can't get 1,000 votes)
forcina he does have the malba bundler on his side but will that be enough to beat avella

seems like forcina is the frontrunner in the party and this after only being a republican for a month or so

is that because he is such a shining star or was it all planned from the get go or is the republican party in such shambles that anyone can rise to the top of the daisy chain so quickly

mr forcina just moved his whitestone office to his old hood in order to solidify some sort of voting power in anticipation of the redistricting

let the games begin

Anonymous said...

A photo op chaser vs a has-been.

The constituency loses either way.

Avella's track record in bettering our nabes adds up to zilch.

And Padavan needs to remain retired.

But at least while he was senator,
things got done.

Thanks be to Frank.

Anonymous said...

Why not run Al Centola?

He can out shine either of them.

Anonymous said...

The voter shall choose
between fruitless results or tired blood.

The Tony and Frank show will be something to watch.

Anonymous said...

Did I hear "doofy" Dan Halloran's name mentioned?

He isn't suited to be dog catcher!

Let's all hope that his name fades from our memories quickly.

He can return to his Mineola law practice and bending the elbow along Bell B'lvd.

Anonymous said...

How is Padavan doing since the "slight" stroke he suffered in January? People who've seen him recently didn't even realize he had been sick, so I can only assume he's fully recovered.

Alfredo C said...

I have asked before and I will ask again. To all the QC readers and commentators out there. Lets think about this for a moment. What have our Representatives, Not Officials, lets remember we hired them to Represent us, what have they done for us, their constituents?

Lets make a list of our representatives and then list what they have done to serve their constituents and better their communities. Please no literature or propaganda from their offices, lets compile the list ourselves and share it here and anywhere else you see fit. Let us, the constituents they swore to represent, speak and be heard.

Thank you,
Alfredo Centola

Anonymous said...

Why not run Al Centola?

He can out shine either of them

Come on Al ni more sitting on the sidelines run already!

Anonymous said...