Wednesday, March 28, 2012

City picks on Glendale grandmother


Anonymous said...

She's a senior citizen female and white. She's the perfect candidate to be bullied by the city. They figure she won't fight back and she'll pay up. You never see this happen in minority communities. They're too afraid of the race card.

Anonymous said...

I got a letter from the city as well. I live around the block from this woman. In fact, about 60% of the people on my block got these letters.

They are just bird-shotting areas, hoping they can get a few people to pay up without a fight. Desperate city finances i guess.

Are there visible cracks in some areas of my (and others) sidewalk? yes. But if you look at the fine print as to what triggers a violation, there has to be a 1/2" min. height change, yet mine, as an example, do not exceed 1/4".

Often, while there is a crack, its still not a tripping hazard.

PS: Cracking in my case is 100% caused by the cities street tree

PS2: The city also completely destroyed the curb in several areas the last time their savages came around and "paved" the street.

Anonymous said...

Again, welcome to Bloomberg's New York.