Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Illegal alien guilty of terrorist gun sales

From the Daily News:

A Manhattan Federal Court jury found a Queens super guilty Tuesday of trying to sell guns to Hezbollah terrorists.

Patrick Nayyar, 48, an illegal immigrant from India, showed no emotion as the jury convicted him after just two hours of deliberations.

He faces 75 years in prison.

Prosecutors said Nayyar was motivated by greed in agreeing to sell guns, ammunition and other military items to an FBI informant posing as a Hezbollah agent.

The jury heard Nayyar and the informant on tape — chats his lawyer called “two knuckleheads b.s.-ing each other."


Anonymous said...

You just have to enjoy the diversity !

Anonymous said...

We have 12 million more illegals in this country. How many are like this guy a criminal, who is criminal? If it's only 5% then picture 600,000 of them running around the US doing heinous things!

Stop illegal immigration, if not what's the point of legal immigration?

Anonymous said...

Pack him off to Gitmo...pronto!

Let the NYC Water Board interrogate him.

Anonymous said... CAN'T prosecute him. He has a family (who will pose with sad faces for the media) who depend on him for food and shelter!

Auntie Invasion said...

where was the building that he was the superintendent for? the landlord is probably an illegal alien too. deport him & the person who hired him.

Anonymous said...

Not all Muslims are terrorists. but only Muslim terrorists have organized to have access to an international support system to provide cash and weapons.

Until Muslims can remove their own terrorism-supporting infrastructure, this will be repeated.

Anonymous said...

He's just one of the many ILLEGALS in this country doing this. How many more are there? Lock him up and throw away the key. Round the rest of them up and send them home.

Anonymous said...

Why do we protect illegal aliens? They have no rights and treat them as such. Illegal = criminal - what don't Law enforcement policy address this - it's the law, enforce it!

Joe said...

""What’s the point of legal immigration""

For starters--Cheap labor and democrat voters forever if they get amnesty.

Most of these people are un-educated from the worst oozing sores and pueof the earth.
People like mayor Bloomberg love them because uneducated people are easy to control, breed like rats, worship and bring him loads of extra federal money.

I had the census people attach things on the door in Ridgewood 3 times. The woman told me the mayor needs a certain head count number to make threshold bracket for free federal cash he will no doubt spend in Manhattan and waterfront projects for the rich.

Meanwile every hospital in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx will be bankrupt in 10 years

Anonymous said...

Joe - Agree $100.

The question asks what about the LEGAL immigrants those who waited lawfully to enter the US with all the proper documents etc. This is the way most of us arrived in the past. It's a slap in the face of those who did it the right way and see others coming in without doing so and having as many US born babies as a way to eventually seek being pardoned and made legal.

(New laws should be easily pass to not allow births on US soil of non=resident aliens or illegals to have offspring receive automatic citizenship.)