Monday, March 26, 2012

One man's swank is another man's crap

From Bayside Patch:

The developer of a six-story apartment building going up in the center of Bayside is promising swank condominiums decked out in marble.

"It promises to be a very chic new addition to the bayside housing market," said Andy Bassaly, the project's developer.

The building, which is already in construction at the corner of 214th Place and 43rd Ave., will also have parking garage.

The 22 units will be mostly 2 bedrooms, with marble kitchen countertops, and marble inlaid in the bathrooms. The building will also have an exercise facility.

Community Board 11, which often deliberates over building construction of any scale, had very little opportunity to oppose or support the project, because Bassaly is not requesting permission to depart from any zoning regulations.

Even so, some residents already already have their peepers open for anything unsightly.

"Bayside is one of the few places left in Queens with a pleasant character to it," said Bayside resident Mike Mathis, adding, "If the character goes away (along with the parking) then there's no reason to stay."


Joe said...

Sounds like that pile of concrete and steel shit they built in Great Neck Plaza.
All double sinks an toilets for the Persians and Russians.
The North Shore from east Egg west is becoming another country. North Shore LIJ hospital and the Democrats ruined everything.

Anonymous said...

You gotta love "Swanky in Great Neck" how appropriate.

Anonymous said...

No problem. The DOB will let these developers build anything. If it turns out that there are any zoning abuses. They will go for a variance and the BSA will grant it.

The developers do as they please. They fill the coffers.