Monday, March 26, 2012

Port Authority's dumping ground

From NY1:

The wide open gates to a former Port Authority construction area in Jamaica, Queens have invited people looking to get rid of all kinds of trash and debris, from tires and closet doors, to cassette tapes and even a refrigerator.

The State Department of Transportation said the spot was a grassy area until about a decade ago when the Port Authority fenced it as a staging area during construction of the AirTrain above the Van Wyck Expressway.

The AirTrain has been running for years, but the fence remains.

DOT officials say while they are responsible for the property, the Port Authority was supposed to restore the area.

"It's a mess," said Jamaica resident Raynald Turner. "They just left the fencing and never came back for it. It looks like everything was kind of left behind."

Much of what was left behind has been vandalized, from the fence to concrete barriers. Then there is the ongoing illegal dumping, and residents say the site has been cleared out many times.

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Welcome to Queens, Helen Marshall, Borough President