Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trade in your old crapper for $125

From the Village Voice:

Carter Strickland, Department of Environmental Protection commissioner, announced a plan that would make Sir Thomas Crapper cry with joy: The DEP has planned an upcoming toilet rebate program to swap 800,000 NYC loos with water-saving models.

That program would start in 2013 and would "reduce water consumption, typically one billion gallons per day, by 30 million gallons per day -- a 3% total reduction," the DEP announced. That's because newer, high-efficiency latrines only use 1.8 gallons of water -- compared to as many as 5 gallons on old versions.

If you are interested, you will likely get $125 for switching out your old pot, "covering all or most of the cost of a typical toilet."


Anonymous said...

Oh Goody! The Landlords can again say it is the Law and put in cheapest ones without licensed plumbers and make millions like Lefrak did last time. Results for tenants: Used more water and always flooding.

Anonymous said...

We should be installing Bidets. Dry T-P is bizarre and barbaric.

We are a nation of stinkerbottoms.

Anonymous said...

About 15 years ago, they had the same program. The landlord in my building replaced the toilets, installing cheap ones, which you have to flush twice. Where is the water savings? (you also have to stand before flushing, to avoid the oncoming flushed water from spraying the rear end.)

The Flushing Phantom said...

It's time for
some graphic honesty here folks.

Many of these low
water consumption commodes
often don't provide enough pressure to flush the "big ones" down.

Instead of a strong,"BA-WHOOSH", you get a feeble, "SSHHHWOAH".

Often a double flush is necessary,
so where's the savings? epiphany!

Let's host a discussion
on the topic in the crap capitol
of NYC....Flushing!

Of course Comptroller John Liu
can bring along all of the financial figures regarding the issue.

Anonymous said...


The "big ones"?

There are plenty of little political turds floating around that need to be flushed.

I propose that NYC build a giant commercial super flusher to be installed in City Hall Park.

If a politician is found guilty of a major crime he gets dropped into the crapper and publicly flushed.

Both Robespierre and Sir Thomas would be pleased.

Anonymous said...

I still have a Briggs toilet from the late 90's that is still working. I only had to replace parts in the tank which is normal.

Anonymous said...

So this is the most important issue our city faces? Don't these politicians have anything better to do? The City needs to stay out of our households and do important things like improve mass transit, sanitation of our streets, education. Sounds like someone's brother-in-law stands to make lots of money on this project. It's no one's business what kind of toilet I have. I wish I had one big enough to flush our politicians down the crapper. said...

Do vat I do. I sqvat on der floor over der noozpaper. Den I rap it up mit luving care und schmeiss it in der karbitch. Saves a lotta vawter! Don't be a girrrly man. Hahr-hahr.

Anonymous said...

Everyone flushes twice with those anemic 1.8's. There goes that bright idea!

Anonymous said...

DONT FORGET SOME OF US BIG GUYS with great credit will not rent your apartment with those small toilets.....and the next renter you get, might do thousands in damages and stiff you for the rent....all over a $125 toilet rebate...