Friday, March 23, 2012

Middle Village house needs some attention

From the Daily News:

A dilapidated Queens house remains in the crosshairs of city inspectors after collecting numerous violations and angering residents in the area.

Officials with the city Department of Buildings have yet to determine whether 58-22 84th St. in Middle Village is a “public nuisance” after dispatching the agency’s Padlocks Unit in December, agency officials told the Daily News on Monday.

Buildings began investigating the home after the owner, Ganesh Arora, “repeatedly ignored the Department’s orders to fix violating conditions at the property,” said agency spokeswoman Ryan Fitzgibbon.

The property has collected $25,500 in unpaid fines from nine outstanding building violations over the past decade, according to agency records.

The derelict property has been a long-standing blight in the wind-swept patch of Middle Village, neighbors said.

The two-story house stand in stark contrast to its well-maintained neighbors. The gate surrounding the property is rusted and the facade of the building has a thick layer of dirt on it. The sidewalk has been illegally cut to extend the driveway and the garage appears on the verge of collapse.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if those Rikers Island windows treatments came pre-rusted.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't really meet my standard for "dilapidated"

Anonymous said...

You are not seeing the garage in the Daily News photo. It's about to collapse.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see dilapidated ...look at the house on Grand Avenue across the street from Niros' and 3 houses away from Home Hunters Realty...thats on the verge of falling down....not front door...garabage in the hallway. broken fence...its probably only staying up becuae its attached on two sides...NOW thats a disgraceful home, and its been that way for many years.

Anonymous said...

I knew someone had the power to deal with properties like this ... interestingly, it's the Governor. He has the authority to order the state health department to determine whether a public nuisance exists, at that point local government can then do what is needed and place a lien on the property for their costs (they can even force a sale of the property).

Ed Unneland

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Crap, what about the Garbage canisters on Metropolitan Avenue? Every Friday night, all day saturday, Saturday night and Sundays the Garbage overflows all over the place. Nice sight while shopping in the area with your children. People considering moving to the area will be impressed for sure. But yet it has been like this for at least 5 years already. The Leaders always in the news should take a picture of themselves next to the Garbage Pails! Plenty of Crap from 73 place/Metro to 80 street/Metro. 04/03/12