Monday, March 19, 2012

She didn't live happily ever after

From the NY Post:

Anna Vargas thought she was happily married — she just didn’t know she was “married” to four guys.

The 37-year-old Queens mom has been the victim of an identity-theft nightmare, in which a parade of mysterious creeps arranged fake marriages by using her birth certificate which she lost some 16 years ago.

Vargas had no idea what was going on — until she tried to get married in 2004 and was heartbroken to find her application for a license rejected by the City Clerk’s Office.

She was turned down after records showed she was already been “married” twice in 1996, once to a man from Mexico and once to a man from Ecuador.

It wasn’t clear why the men got married with women using her identity, but often such ID theft involves immigration scams.


Anonymous said...

can we just kick all these animals out now???

Anonymous said...

They aren't animals. They overextended and desserve to be foreclosed on.

The banks farked up with paperwork. They got lazy. They didn't think they would be challenged and ran afoul of the law. But that doesn't mean they should lose their collateral to people that don't pay their mortgage.

Romney, who I hope doesnt become President, had it right. Let the market bottom out. You'd have 1 year of bottoming out and then the greatest boom in housing the country has never seen.

I feel sorry for those who overextended in the last decade. But why prop up those who made bad decisions in terms of their mortgages at the expense of those who stayed out of the market bc they thought it was overinflated.