Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Arverne eyesore

"Take a good look at this photo. These 3-family houses on Beach 65th Street in Arverne have been under construction since 2006, yet they're still not done, the yards are full of trash, and the balconies are rusted. The permits are expired. The sidewalk is still blocked off, and DOT permits are also likely expired. They took empty land and made it an eyesore. So much for the Rockaway revitalization." - anonymous


Anonymous said...

That looks like a construction sight straight out of the Ukraine.
Who would want to live in such a place besides a blind person ?

Anonymous said...

The City should condemn and bulldozes the property under eminent domain - sell the land for development/taxes, or seize it for back taxes and auction it to be completed (desirable). I am sure this property has tax abatement and as such there should be stipulations that if such a type property is green-lighted it should have a deadline on completion to earn the tax abatement.

Anonymous said...

As I recall, the Rockaways have had a version of this scenario for the past 40 years. Partially completed construction interspersed with ruble. Amazing that close-to-the-water NYC residential property can be so cursed for so long. If this were 60 miles east, it would be called the Hamptons. They just need to level the whole strip and make it beach and board walk. People will come then.

Anonymous said...

Are people actually supposed to live in these or be subjects of some crazy sci-fi type Frankenstein experiments?

These architectural atrocities can be put to good use, however.

Use them as prison dormitories for politcians who are under investigation.

An electrified chain link fence around the perimeter would be a nice finishing touch.

Anonymous said...

these make Tommy Huang's shoddily built low-rise early 1980s row housing look cozy by comparison.

In fact there are cemeteries that look more inviting.

Anonymous said...

What is the rent there?
200$ a year?

Anonymous said...

"Section 8" coming soon!

Anonymous said...

and real close to all your relatives who live in the many public housing projects w/ pitbull crap & urine in the elevators. and Seaview houses where every resident has a pitbull and belongs to a gang.

How many such dwellings in the Rockaways are in foreclosure? I bet it has a higher rate than Jamaica.

This is what happens with our wonderful City Planning.

Except don't walk around there. It's not safe. You will be attacked, mugged and beaten up.

Anonymous said...

"If this were 60 miles east, it would be called the Hamptons. "

I think Mastic would be more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Why haven't our politicians past laws, so this can't happen?

They stink as bad as the garbage.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Crapper for taking this photo from the A line subway so the crackheads can go there to beam up.

There are plenty of houses that they started building then stopped. Great places for crackheads and hos. Try Beach 99th Street & Rockaway Freeway.
Look towards the ocean.

and this is why they tore down the bungalows. because the gangs selling crack and breeding pit bulls had taken over. guess they got new places to ruin & to destroy the community