Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Noise nuisance on Atlantic Avenue

"Here's more crap added to Atlantic Avenue in Richmond Hill/Ozone Park.

They must not administer vision or hearing tests to the NYPD. They neither saw not heard any violation from this storefront. The setting up of these sidewalk speakers started back in January, but with the temps rising, it has already become a habit with this storefront.

Geez. Even the guy from the deli came out to see what the hell was going on." - anonymous


Anonymous said...

That looks like a JBL EON amped speaker.

If they turn that up it'll literally deafen anyone temporarily within 20 ft.

I own two of those and they are more than adequate for public events of 3000+.

Using them like that is just disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

the number of the offending storefront is clearly visible in the pic. you know what to do!

Anonymous said...

I just happened to be passing by this location earlier this afternoon. Holy crap, were they LOUD!

Joe said...

No worries people those EON speakers wont last long especially in the hands of idiots !

JBL EONs are 125 watt overrated DJ crap. We use them as floor vocal monitors with the band and have to replace driver diaphragms every 6 months. I'm still cursing the guys out for buying them.

For 3000+ people FOH a decent clean SPL level outdoors you need two arrays of EAWs with some subs and a rack of Crest or Crown power amps.
(A 10,000 watt FOH system minimum)

JBL was once a GREAT company but now the folks that bought the name make outsourced consumer grade GARBAGE.
The gear doesn't last in real world use and costs a fortune for parts when stuff blows!