Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crowley selected to get Grace elected

From the NY Times:

At least three elected officials in Queens have decided to compete against one another in the Democratic primary in June to fill the seat of Representative Gary L. Ackerman, who unexpectedly announced his retirement last week.

The three announced their bids, in succession, on a politically manic Monday morning. First, the Queens Democratic party confirmed that it had selected Assemblywoman Grace Meng as its nominee. A couple of hours later, Assemblyman Rory I. Lancman, who had been hoping to get the nod, announced that he would run anyway. Then, just before noon, in an unexpected family twist, Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley, a cousin of Representative Joseph Crowley, the Queens Democratic chairman, announced in a statement that she, too, was jumping in.

Um, "an unexpected family twist?" Yeah, ok. Dizzy Lizzy is only in the race because Virginia Joe ordered her to run to be a spoiler. If you split the white vote, Meng walks away with it.

Crowley announced she was running before county announced their pick in order to try to dissuade Lancman from throwing his hat in the ring. Let's think about the make-up of the district and also the fact that she never actually made an announcement.
Reporters have to call her office and ask for a statement, which is emailed to them. She doesn't even state herself that she's running and her press person says, "We're only giving out the statement to reporters that ASK for it."

Notice that Liz Crowley did not hold a press conference to announce her candidacy and she did NOT send out a press release. Does this sound like something a serious candidate would do?

Apparently the Machine thinks the constituents of NY-6 were born yesterday.

Hey mainstream media, how about reporting the truth about this setup instead of going along with the deception by portraying this as a genuine primary challenge?


Anonymous said...

is not Queens Democrat politics grand ?

Anonymous said...

Gotta keep that Asian money coming in!

Georges said...

Unless your running for re-election, a Pol should resign to run for another office, it's only fair to the people that they already represent. Otherwise they are on our dime stealing our time.

Crowley is the biggest boiler room Pol - vote him out this year!

Anonymous said...

Just think: if Liu wasn't involved in the campaign finance scandal, County would have picked him!

Anonymous said...


The old king is finally dead
(politically speaking) or one step ahead of the FBI's investigation of John Liu).

You'd better cut your Washington house boat loose from its moorings quickly Gary, and chug away while the tide is favorable.

Ackerman surely looks and smells worse than his withered carnation these days.

But let's all pause to celbrate because as we're about to be getting a new "representative".

Hip, hip, hooray! Long live the queen.

Vivat, vivat Regina Meng...
anointed by Crowley's back room boys.

And so the Democratic dictatorship resumes its stranglehold on Queens.

Why is that?

The Republicans are
asleep or...with its 2 barons too busy...fighting for power.

Not that I favor any particular party...I often split my ticket and vote for the best qualified candidate.

Do you see any out there?

When you don't have healthy real competition you wind up with an oligarchy of well funded nincompoops running the borough, the city, the state and the nation.

Might some of Meng's money be coming from China?

You betcha!

Grace is the Dem machine's candidate because her daddy has, most likely, already arranged for the conversion of overseas Yuan into US Dollars.

It will be passing through a subtle circuitous laundering process which would evade detection by super sleuth Sherlock Holmes.

While we consumers are stuck buying shoddy Chinese goods their slick government buys shady US politicians.

Wadda ya think of that?

Welcome to New USA!

The Chinese have always been known for their "wisdom".

Maybe all this has been written in the stars.

Anonymous said...

Lancman only got the Assembly job because of L'affaire McLaughlin. Rory hasn't done anything to distinguish himself since he got the job.

Anonymous said...

It looks like "dragon slayer" Avella had to cut a deal for himself.

With heavyweights like Stavisky and Crowley rabbit punching him in the kidneys (and Meng's money)
poor Tony has no choice but to kiss Gracie's butt.

Avella never held any real power anywhere he hung his hat.

He's probably been promised some fat civil service job somewhere (commissioner of something?) for his thumbs up on Grace.

He'd better watch his back, though.
The clubhouse might screw him on their promise.

The Flushing Phantom said...

While John Liu's Chinese money pipeline to the Crowley run machine has been capped...it looks like Grace Meng's has just been opened.

Pay cash...no receipt.

Anonymous said...

My vote is for Rory!

Anonymous said...

They want Queens to become home to the most Asians in the country. This way the Dems can get their votes
What a bunch of liars cheats and scum we have representing our interests!
I'm sure Grace would do well but it's how she was nominated that is suspect.

Anonymous said...

Another possibility??? -- if you split the women's vote between the two women, doesn't Lancman have the advantage?

Missing Foundation said...

This process disenfranchises the voter from full participation in the election process.

We need to take a new look at machine politics. The process might have been fine a 150 years ago, but no longer makes sense.

99% ? said...

NYC: a 21st century city run on 19th century grease.

Something for the Occupy crowd to start to think about.

Anonymous said...

It's time to abolish the assembly & city council!! They do not do anything except receive fat, bloated salaries, enough is enough, get out the torches & pitchforks & sharpen the Guillotine!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How nice. Two of the three are McLaughlin spawn and the third is the daughter of a gangster.

Anonymous said...

How about the mainstream media actually vetting Elizabeth Crowley? She carried on a 7 year illicit relationship with Brian McLaughlin, was fined a whopping $56,000 in campaign finance violations, has no experience on actual issues and is by far the dumbest politician out there. Just ask her a challenging question and listen to her answer.

She also took dirty money from McLaughlin. In fact it was reported that she is one of three women mentioned in Brian McLaughlin's indictment. Why has this airhead been given a free pass by the press?

Oh, just remembered, her name is Crowley. Nevermind.

Anonymous said...

Politics as usual in Queens. Meng will win because all the Asisans (legal and illegal) will vote for their own. I would love for Lizzie to get the job. Maspeth and Middle Village would be rid of her for good and she could mess up someone elses neighborhood. Unfortunately, she won't win and we will be forever stuck with her because the dumb democratics in Maspeth and Queens will vote her in again. When they hear the Crowley name, they get run to the polls to vote them in. I'd move to Virginia to get out of this deteriorating town, but Joe Crowley lives there. Vote the Crowley's out!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 14:

And replace them with what? We're supposed to have legislative bodies here.

RC said...

I forget: is there a primary runoff if the candidate winning the plurality does not receive at least 40% of the vote?

If so, can Meng hit the 40 mark outright?

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Democrats pull that stunt in the City Council race in Whitestone, a couple of years ago, and they ended up with republican instead of Kevin Kim, like they expected.

Anonymous said...

No runoff in state primaries. Only the city-wide ones.

Anonymous said...

Alright, she's the most unprofessional pol I have seen in years. When you have an announcement you send it out to ALL media outlets. You don't wait for them to asked. Her PR person is completely wrong.
If she really goes through with this then maybe I'll run for her city council seat, someone should.
Then maybe people in her district can get the services and results they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Queens needs a conservative democrat in this district, if one exists.

Anonymous said...

I think that the effect of Dizzy Lizzy Crowley in the race is way overblown, as she and Cousin Joe have an overblown positive image of themselves in general.

D.L. - Dizzy Lizzy or Down Low, take your pick - Crowley is despised in large portions of her own Council district at this point, due to numerous betrayals of her constituents already reported on over the years on QC.

In eastern Queens neighborhoods like Bayside, Auburndale, North Flushing, Whitestone, Kissena Park and Kew Gardens Hills/Fresh Meadows, why would people who are already in Lancman's assembly district - and getting reasonably decent constituent services - change their allegiance for an out and out phony who is not even running a real race?

And, frankly, in a district that is NOT majority Asian-American (as some papers would have you believe)and has some of the highest voter turnout in all of Queens - as well as some of the most active civic associations - Meng is not a shoe-in at all, even with Crowley supposedly siphoning off some votes.

Clearly, D.L. was put up to it by "Honest Joe" in order to create a new young, English-speaking Asian-American golden child in higher office, now that John Liu is fast becoming yesterday's news - and possibly sleeping in an orange jumpsuit with a "roomie" named Rocco doing 20 years to life for homicide in the near future.

Finally, while Grace Meng may speak English like a native, her constituent services in her assembly district are practically nil. She has also made some pretty dumb remarks to the press over the last year, including the recent Boston Market fiasco. She is not even slightly interested in representing ALL of the people in her district, and that will be her downfall.

Anonymous said...

Abolish the city council, case closed. Time to sharpen that guillotine, so sick of these bloated, do nothing bureaucrats, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

Anonymous said...

So, what will it be Crap fans? Rory clearly appears to be the middle-class homeowner guy. And unlike Grace and Lizzie, he does not come from a political dynasty.

Neither of Rory's parents were ever elected to any office.

Anonymous said...

So, what will it be Crap fans? Rory clearly appears to be the middle-class homeowner guy. And unlike Grace and Lizzie, he does not come from a political dynasty.

Neither of Rory's parents were ever elected to any office.

However, Rory Lancman refused the Daily News' request to shed some light on the clients that his law firm is involved with. What is he hiding? Has he been voting based on the interests of his legal clients or his constituents?

Anonymous said...

Rory will get it.

After John Liu's shenanigans any Oriental candidate will be viewed as a "yellow peril".

And the Asiatics DON'T have the necessary majority to put moon faced Meng in.

It's all about getting that juicy money from China for the Dem party.

When she loses it could easily be transfered to Joe Crowley's machine
for other purposes.

Joe knew this when the machine supported Gracie

She's just being used for her gangster daddy's money and overseas connections.

Anonymous said...

A transparent ploy to split the "anti-Asian" vote. And you can count me among those who believe that Meng would follow the Nydia Velázquez model of representing only an ethnic group, rather than all the residents of the CD.

Bonus points for picking "Crowley" as a recognizable name among some voters. It takes us down memory lane where Mrs. Geraldine Zaccaro changed her last name as cousin Nicholas Ferraro was a popular District Attorney in 1978. Perhaps Liz can pull it off 34 years later.

Anonymous said...

Where are the Vallones in all this mess? Doesnt Peter need a new job? Maybe brother Paul can make it this time around! Wheres daddy? Its not over yet

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Liz can pull it off 34 years later -- we all know the only thing she can pull off -- Brian McLaughlin.

Anonymous said...

It is so obvious the Queens Democrates pick Ms. Meng because she will rely totally on the party (or Joe Crowley) to win the election. She will be a perfect puppet of Joe Crowley.