Monday, March 19, 2012

Bank trash protest

From Fox 5:

A group of activists brought garbage inside a bank in Queens.

The New York Communities for Change took trash from vacant, foreclosed homes inside a Citibank on 169th Street and Hillside Avenue in the Jamaica section.

The protesters say many homeowners are facing declining property values because banks don’t keep properties that have been foreclosed on.


Anonymous said...

this activist group could be a part of "THE CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE"?
if so, it may be funded directly or indirectly by "the open society institute " one of thirty or more organizations funded by socialist, billionaire, George Soros ?


many of the leftwing groups listed are trained to use radical, Saul Alinsky techniques to create attention to issues.

Anonymous said...

Did (are?) banks employees go to the foreclosed properties and trash them?

Either the previous owners didn't maintain them, or others "in the community" have damaged or dumped on them since they were foreclosed.

The deterioration of foreclosed properties is more a reflection of the community itself than the bank.

Anonymous said...

did some of the soros funded community groups initially pressure some banks, years ago,to permit NINJNA (NO INCOME NO JOB NO ASSET) applicants loans. which became sub-prime scandal prone in 2008?

check the above list . see lending activist org.