Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another hospital bites the dust

From the Daily News:

Peninsula Hospital’s recovery efforts have flatlined and the hospital will be closing, officials confirmed Monday.

The troubled Far Rockaway facility had flunked a state inspection of its lab last month, forcing ambulances to be diverted and most patient care to be suspended.

Peninsula was months — not weeks — away from reopening the lab, according to bankruptcy documents filed by trustee Lori Lapin Jones on Monday.

The state Department of Health “determined that substantial additional time, effort and expense would be required before the laboratory would be eligible for re-certification,” Jones wrote to the bankruptcy court.

With insufficient money to keep the hospital afloat for that length of time, Jones wrote that closure was necessary.


Anonymous said...

So Helen Marshall lied to us again!

Anonymous said...

Do we have any hospitals in Queens left? If we had a 9/11 or jumbo jet catastrophe could we handle that? Where are Sen Shumer & Sen What her kristen Gilliband name on this issue?

Anonymous said...

Now where do
the residents go for medical treatment?

Where's the nearest hospital...
in Jamaica?

I hope there's a med-evac unit nearby!

Anonymous said...

Only wholly-owned-by and operated-by government hospitals will be left. This is intentional.

They can run with unlimited losses and that is what is necessary when you treat patients with no cash, no insurance, no legal residence, and no legal identity. That doesn't necessarily mean "poor" because they have cell phones, cars, etc. It just means that going to a hospital prepared to pay for what it costs just isn't in their plan.

Paying for health care is for the "chumps".

georgetheatheist said...

"Bring out your dead!

Bring out your dead!"

Anonymous said...

bloomberg's and the 47 progressive city council member's SANCTUARY CITY UNCONSTITUTIONAL DIRECTIVES SCREW THE NYC CITIZENS AGAIN.


georgetheatheist said...

What's the dif? Getting bitten by a rat flea with bubonic plague or getting bitten by the rats on the NYC Council.


Anonymous said...

No "George" this is our bizarre market-based system entering it's terminal phase.

In 1992 I paid just under $800 for a Blue Cross wraparound policy

That is $800 a year.

today, even with a cheaper HMO I'm stuck with just under $5000 w/deductible. And I've yet to make a claim.

A manager in out company is paying $27,500 for a family of four due to one child having asthma and having been hospitalized a couple of times.

She makes $37,00/yr and so after taxes it is her husband's salary that supports the house.

People like you are often insulated from this reality by your own form of Socialized Medicine via union or Medicare.

For the rest of us, it is slowly devouring our income.

Understand now?

Anonymous said...

1199, Senators , councilmen/ women it's about time you all stand up for these people they are out of jobs the Peninsula cannot function with one hospital come on its voting time MN

Anonymous said...

#8...the senior citizen pays $1680. per year from their s.s. contribution for medicare, for 80% coverage. and $2320 to a private insurer for the remaining supplemental 20%. total payout is $4000. per year.

the senior does not usually have a weekly employment income.with the increase in the cost of living (gas $4.08/gal. & heating oil $4.00/gal. and low bank savings interest rates(0.8% ) and 20.8 % prop.tax increase since 2002 ,american's are budgeting with more thrift.

it is a sin that government and their public servants seem to be overly glutton with tax revenues.

Anonymous said...

Again? Where is stuff like this in the Mayors2030 Plan?

Does stuff like this change the plan?

Why not?

Round up the usual suspects!