Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bus stop sign still in middle of sidewalk

You may recall this from 2 years ago on this very blog. They still haven't fixed it...


Jerry Rotondi said...

Yes sir,
I posted it 2 years ago!

If somebody had to negotiate this in a wheelchair they'd have to go into the street.

Now, if this were on Bloomberg's block
it would have been remedied PDQ!

Anonymous said...

They do the same thing with those new parking meters. If there is a vent grill for the subway below near the curb line, the meter unit ends up being 5 or 6 feet from the curb, and thus right in the walking travel path.

More dumb ideas from our shithead leaders.

Anonymous said...

They're like that all along Crocheron Ave., on both sides of the street. Not all of them, but quite a few. There are some signs/posts on Crocheron between 168 and 169 on the south side that are the same.

Helen said...

D.O.T. under Sadik-Khan are only concerned about "building better bike lanes".

Jerry Rotondi said...

Nice job, "Queens Crap" and "Pix".

You sure embarrassed the hell out of DOT because the sign has already been moved within a few short days
of the story breaking.

It was a very speedy response but a whole new problem has been created since.

Apparently DOT's solution was to move the bus stop along with the sign one block west to 163rd Street, thereby eliminating the 164th Street stop completely.

That's a sloppy fix-up.

There are a lot of elderly folks residing in that corner apartment building that now have to walk an extra block to catch a bus.

Was this DOT's revenge against the folks who reported the sign's original poor placement?

Maybe---or just some additional stupidity on DOT's part.

We hope that Councilman Halloran can help to return the westbound bus stop back to 164th Street and Crocheron Ave. where it belongs.

I'll be phoning his office regarding this and we all look forward to his help.

I'll also be filing a 311 complaint and notifying Community Board #7.

I urge all residents to do the same.

The more complaints that get filed---the quicker the action!

Maybe "Pix" needs an update.
Let's contact that reporter too.

He did fabulous video coverage.