Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Halloran enters NY-6 race; support exaggerated

From the Queens Courier:

The Queens GOP leadership made a bold move Saturday at their March Executive Committee meeting by endorsing City Councilmember Dan Halloran to run in the newly created 6th Congressional District. Party leaders strongly felt that with this unique opportunity Halloran was the best candidate to win this seat for the Republican Party, and Halloran graciously accepted the nomination with a rousing speech about the need for change in Washington.

The new NY-6 is now drawn to encompass Murray Hill, Bayside, Bayside Hills, Oakland Gardens, Fresh Meadows, Auburndale, East Flushing, Flushing Murray Hill, Queens Boro Hill, Briarwood, Forest Hills, Rego Park, Glendale, Middle Village, Maspeth and Ridgewood. Many of these neighborhoods have one and two family homes and have been represented by Republican elected officials like Senators Padavan and Maltese and approximately 40 percent of this newly carved district is currently represented by Councilmember Halloran.

40 percent?

Eh, I don't think so.

How the district actually breaks down based on current representation:
Crowley = dark blue
Meng = pink
Lancman = light blue
Halloran = red


Anonymous said...

Halloran goes nowhere the people supporting him are probably just hoping to make sure they get rid of him on the city council in order to minimize damage to their communities

8 people showed up one of which was Padavan and the other one Tabone stayed in the background visibly upset

what happened vin

Anonymous said...

Has a unique chance to win?Huh? Even his constituents don't want him. GOP- go right ahead on and embarrass yourselves!

Anonymous said...


What else can one expect from "doofy" Dan and his God complex.

His own heathen Theod clan dumped him along with his colorful mini skirt outfit.

Go and get some real therapy lad.
Bartenders aren't psychiatrists.

Does Daniel really think that he can get enough votes to actually win another election of any kind?

Not with the lousy service his district office hands out to constituents...and that's a well known fact!

The voters will not forget.

The word has gotten around that he's screwed just about every civic association in Queens.

But Dan staunchly supports over
development and the ruination of your neighborhood.

That you can count on.

The "big H" is the builders' best friend.

Only that supreme GOP dumb-ass leader Phil Ragusa lives in a bigger bubble of delusion than Halloran does.

My vote is for Rory Lancman.

If he loses the primary (which I strongly doubt) then I'll vote for Grace Meng (with a barf bag in tow).

I'd rather vote for a Chinese gangster's daughter than give that childish, Libertarian, lying, idiot Halloran a seat in Congress!


Anonymous said...

Halloran is clearly out of his mind.

And where is he going to get the money?

Maybe his "goombahs" (like Joey Franco) will help him out.

Anonymous said...

CM "Hal-looney" is bored with his job and wants a Congressional seat.

Not on our watch.

You've already
bungled your current job in the council.

We voters want you totally outta here!

Anonymous said...

Halloran's entered his own "A" hole!

He's a legend in his own mind!

Anonymous said...


The Republican party's choice tells us that the club is in its final death rattle!

And that's bad because the Democratic dictatorship of Queens will get complete control of the borough.

Political party competition is the key to running a successful republic.


Anonymous said...

You use "libertarian" as it's a bad word? Why?

Anonymous said...

It would have been far better
for Phil Ragusa to have run himself
as candidate.

At least Phil is consistent.

Halloran is an erratic boob!

Wind Dan up
and watch him sputter and speechify all over the stage.

Afterward, neither he nor anyone else can remember what he's said.

No matter, though...
he's usually lying through his clenched teeth.

Anonymous said...


Not bloody likely.

I'd say 12% would be a generous guess. Closer to 10% is more accurate.

Perhaps the GOP has some sort of chronic spatial visual dysplasia or astygmatism built into their leadership.

Ok, GOP. IF you don't want to get LASIK or glasses to correct your eyesight, here's how you can tell how much area Halloran currently covers of CD 6:

The boxed #6 on the map is about the midpoint of the district, just east of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. However, the district is a little lopsided, with a larger portion being to the east of the park - the split is about 60% to the east, with the remaining 40% on the west.

From what I can tell, Crowley covers the most area of CD 6 - about 18%. It includes at least 2/3 of her current Council District. One would think that would be a benefit, but in Crowley's case most of her constituents despise her.

Meng covers an area slightly less than Halloran - definitely no more than 10% of CD 6. The district is extremely dense, though, in terms of population. One drawback for her is the large number of non-voters (and non-citizens) in her district. And the fact that her father is a bonafide gangster.

Lancman's current Assembly District is the most narrow but also the longest of any of the districts - he covers about 14% of CD 6. It's a touch smaller than Crowley's overall, but has many more actual houses, ratio-wise, as Crowley's district is filled with Forest Park and a host of large cemeteries.

Lancman is also the only one of these electeds that isn't a clown. He actually has a record of responding to his constituent's needs.

A final note to Halloran: Maybe you should stop taking the same 40% solution that Sherlock Holmes took to solve his cases.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Robert Hornak the Queens GOP spokesperson?

Nice going, Courier. Really great independent "journalism" there, taking a press release and passing it off as news.

No wonder Vicki has her tongue up the GOP's ass all the time!

Hey Vicki - hope those GOP advertising $$$ are worth a brown mouth at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

As long as it takes this looser out of Whitestone, I don't care where they run him.

Anonymous said...

The NYC Council is term-limited unlike state and federal offices - so these open Congressional seats are like crack to the current council members.

Anonymous said...

Go Dan! Better someone from the neighbor hood than one of the various dem party robots that we usually have. Who cares about his religion?a libertarian leaning republican who isn't in bed with religious zealots is what we need in Washington!

Anonymous said...

Libertarian is, indeed, a bad word.

These simplistic fools are akin to communists and anarchists.

Both of those 2 systems failed miserably since their try outs about one hundred years ago...didn't they?

Anonymous said...

Libertarians are always screaming about getting big government off their dumb asses.

I suppose they would be eager to give up their government Social Security checks to prove it?

Not in a heartbeat!

Most are phonies and LOVE the government expenditure that's lavished upon them.

Free Public Education...now isn't that government interference too?

Go back to the caves you idiots!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, somebody from the nabe that's been screwing the nabes.

Better a "neighbor" should f--k me in the tookas than a stranger...huh?

Vote for Halloran for prefecture of the dark side of the moon.

Better yet...get him out of our galaxy!

Anonymous said...

Uh, ask Megan what she thinks of Dan.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those religious zealot Repubs down in the clown House in DC can use a pagan in their midst.

Anonymous said...

At least a Dem-bot has the brains not to shit in his own yard.

Dan craps all over his own district...elephant (GOP) sized turds!

Anonymous said...

Let's not even discuss
who Dan's been in bed with.

Anonymous said...

Can he really run for anything after all that has been said about him?

I think he is foolish. Why would he subject himself to the kind of stories that are sure to crop up?

Anonymous said...

You Dem trolls must really be afraid of him if you're all acting like screaming idiots already. Personally, I don't think he has the numbers, and that's what it really comes down to. But seriously, why all the fuss?

And if being a libertarian is bad, what's good? Conservative? Liberal?

Anonymous said...

I am Republican that is
embar ass ed by the Queens GOP especially ragusa who a nice old guy but useless and tabone who is a POS who is only out for himself

halloran is a lying sack of Horse Shyte who can bring himself to tell a truth

he only reprsents the developers

and make no mistake about it vallone is no better

Anonymous said...

You Dem trolls must really be afraid of him if you're all acting like screaming idiots already. Personally, I don't think he has the numbers, and that's what it really comes down to. But seriously, why all the fuss?

And if being a libertarian is bad, what's good? Conservative? Liberal?


How about someone - regardless of their political stripe - who actually cares about the neighborhoods and residents that he represents instead of their own warped agenda that ends up fucking everyone except for his political donors over?

Anonymous said...

Useless tool is all I can say about this bum. He constantly lies and has no problem leaving a guy to hang when he gets caught in a lie

He will ruin your career and your life to save his own skin

Now that I think about it he would probably fit right in over in DC

Go for it you drunken dirtbag maybe the next guy you throw under the bus will pull you ahead of him

georgetheatheist said...

This Objectivist here can't wait to collect his "evil" Social Security and Medicare to bring the whole goddamed collectivist Ponzi schemed system down. Why not? I'm "entitled" to it and when I cash the check I'll spit in your collectivist faces while doing so.

Anonymous said...

I am a foreign national, European, living in Queens. I am shocked of the third-worldism you have here, the illegal immigration, and the corruption of the public institutions -democrats. Your democrats make me think of the old Eastern European communists. Sad, sad..

Anonymous said...

#15...Social Security was mandated on U.S. citizens by the FDR democrat admin.medicare was mandated by the Dem. L.B.J. admin.

citizens involuntarily contributed to both through their weekly paychecks, during their work years.

public education is mostly financed by the U.S. homeowner's local property taxes. even though the social engineers have destroyed an excellent past public system , now most families must pay extra tuition for parochial schooling to insure that graduation occurs.

Anonymous said...

Let's cut out all of the bullshit about "entitlements".

They ARE NOT welfare payments!

I've already paid for my investment in Social Security and Medicare through payroll witholding.

They ARE NOT entitlements...you "A" holes.

They are my government dividend checks just like the ones I get from Verizon, Tupperware, etc.

I'm a shareholder in the company...being the United States of America Inc.

So, FU in spades!

Anonymous said...

I've got an idea.

Let's abolish all taxes and see how much police, fire protection, education etc. costs each of us out of our own pockets.

Yer all a buncha redneck fools
under your skins!

Yeah, you can get a gun and protect your own just like Davy Crockett.

You can educate your kiddies at home...if you've got enough brains
to do good job of it.

And you can extinguish your own fires...so on and so forth.

Yeah...do it all yourselves.
maybe become a (LOL!) "Libertarian" and wear a badge of stupidity.

Is Ed reading all this?

"Governments are instituted among men...deriving their powers from the consent of the governed".

Go and re-read your country's founding documents. You quote sound bites of them often enough.

Government is necessary.
A solitary man or woman cannot govern themselves.

The bigger and more complicated the country has gotten since the 18th century...the bigger and more complex the government must become.

Go back to your primitive huts and states of mind if you want simplicity and smaller government.

The population has grown. Government must meet bigger needs...therefore...bigger government.

You say that you don't like all of the overcrowding which has occurred since 1776?

Then wear a condom and limit population growth!

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that Dan Halloran is a total yahoo.

How can he manage the country when he can't seem to manage his own life?

He's just a loud spellbinding mouthpiece of the old school...who will forget any promise he's made as soon as he leaves the podium.

He's a pathological liar who actually believes his own exagerations.

Are you following all this Chrissy so you can report to your boss, or does Dan read Queens Crap for himself?

Anonymous said...

Another intelligent argument and reasoning from a well-balanced individual.

Anonymous said...

How about someone - regardless of their political stripe - who actually cares about the neighborhoods and residents that he represents instead of their own warped agenda that ends up fucking everyone except for his political donors over?

Al Centola?

Anonymous said...

Evan Stavisky said

" HARRY HARRY NUSBAUM GOT THE MENG CONTRACT, call Mikey he better write bigger checks from the Senate Campaign"

Anonymous said...

i volunteered for this guy the first time out

he said all the right things

ackerman and schenker attacked his religion and that pissed me off

now he is hanging with them and they call each other old friends

dan has lied every step of the way

i know guys with integrity and honesty

he has none

every word out of his mouth is a lie

he has sold us out and we will not forget

Anonymous said...

Some people would say that Halloran is greatly exaggerated.

Anonymous said...

Halloran sounds just like his buddy, that grandmother rapist Dennis Gallagher.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is shitting on Halloran meanwhile look who hes up against. Meng who doesn't care about the whites in her district but now says race isnt part of her campaign. Lets not forget about her crook father. Crowley is related to the head of the Queens Dem party chair but doesn't have his support... so why would she have mine. And Lanceman seems the best of the bunch, I know little about the guy but that there is the problem, can he get on the Democratic ballot. That leaves us with Halloran, at least we know what we're getting. He is full of s--t but when you need an issue to be taken care of just go to Hollerin Halloran and he'll make a hoot over it and get it done! Just don't run into that putz Mulvey who works in his office.

Anonymous said...

And Lanceman seems the best of the bunch, I know little about the guy but that there is the problem, can he get on the Democratic ballot.


Lancman is definitely a contender and has over $150,000 in his war chest already. Not sure where you're from, but in northeast Queens he's been around for quite some time. He's liked by the residents of his Assembly district and he's politically clean (at least by Queens standards).

This is why the Queens machine is trying to stop him from winning.

And in terms of Halloran: It's because we know him that the last thing we want is for him to be the next Congressman. He's a fucking disaster as a Councilmember and not too different in his personal life. Not qualified. Period.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Republican.
I've lived in Queens all my life.
I just sent Lancman a donation.
Enough said.

Anonymous said...

The voters from glendale and middle village are gonna be happy when they meet Dan Halloran

Anonymous said...

I've met Halloran many times, and as a person I have no problem with him. I think he's an OK guy.

The GOP on the other hand I have a big problem with. They represent the rich people, the 1% in this country, who caused this economic downturn and who are trying to grab all the money and make everyone in the US, and the whole world, paupers. I will not be pulling the Republican lever in this election. And, regarding the demographics mentioned in the article, I'm white, live in a single family home, am a professional, was born in Queens etc.

Sorry Halloran, if you were running as a Democrat, and saying you'd fight for the 99% against the 1%, you'd get my vote. I'm not voting for any Republicans though.

Anonymous said...

Crappy, out of the current candidate field who do you support?