Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mt. Sinai of Queens seeks expansion

From the Daily News:

A western Queens hospital expansion is gaining traction in the community as state officials cotinue to mull the proposal.

Mount Sinai Hospital Queens is seeking regulatory approval for a $113 million development that would add 95,000 square feet to its existing facility, state officials said.

The proposal, filed in December, was prompted by a population boom in the area that has put a premium on hospital beds, said hospital spokeswoman Shelly Felder.

“We just need more space. We’re very tight in our emergency room department,” Felder told the Daily News on Monday.

The hospital won’t tap an architect to create renderings until the request is given state approval, she said.

Officials with the state Department of Health is said some of the factors being weighed are financial feasibility and need.


Anonymous said...

Well...sure...after having a batch of local hospitals close over the decades and blissfully increasing population by 50% in the same time. But building careers in Albany and cutting local real estate schemes does take up ones time .... and is so much more sexy than dealing getting into the public's eye the idea of some responsibility with the no-win morass that medical care sucks in that part of our fair city.

And the neat thing is that the long time residents once again take the hit for newbies: trustafarians that move next to train yard are song lullabies by the local pols, while this densely populated neighborhood will endure yet more noise and disruption caused by an already too big institution in its midst.

How to handle this? Easy.

Lets all go over to Facebook and give each other hi-fives.

Anonymous said...

At least ms WANTS TO BE HERE! Let them please stay, every other hospital org left already. We all need an emergency facility and care. The POLS are irresponsible on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Since we've already lost 2 Queens hospitals and our city hospital (Elmhurst) is packed to the rafters with illegals looking for free health care on our dime, I guess the expansion is a good idea. Astoria and LIC are doubling their population with overdevelopment, I hope Mt. Sinai signs on to a HUGE expansion. There still won't be enough beds.

Anonymous said...

If you need non-emergency care and you're in Astoria or LIC, it would behoove you to go across the river to NewYork-Presbyterian (Cornell.) This Mt. Sinai location is the pits.

Anonymous said...

I hope Mt. Sinai signs on to a HUGE expansion. There still won't be enough beds.
a. obviously, like stupid things as hotels and 40 story wall on the waterfront, mean things like losing 36th Street to the Astoria Studios, little things like stupid bike lanes and big things like slipping quality of life, the voice of the community doesn't matter.

as you glibly assign others their fate we can be assured that you will not live across the street.

b. who in the f*ck is going to pay for this place? the people that shoehorned 50% more in the community and said nothing about the infrastructure bill?

why should my taxes cover someone else's profit?

Anonymous said...

Why not take over the St John's Hospital property?