Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flushing tofu makes people sick

From the Daily News:

Two people got botulism - a rare but potentially fatal foodborne illness - after buying tofu at a store in Flushing.

The city Health Department said in a release Friday evening that it confirmed one case of the potent form of food poisoning, and suspected another case.

Both of the afflicted are Chinese-speaking Queens residents who recently bought fresh, unrefrigerated bulk tofu from Flushing market. The tofu was not made at the store, and its source is under investigation, the Health Department release states.

"This kind of tofu -- commonly sold in an open, water-filled bin -- is highly suspected to be the source of these cases; however it has not yet been confirmed," the release states.

Fresh, unrefrigerated tofu is used to make fermented tofu and is an ingredient in a popular Chinese dish called chou doufu, or stinky tofu. Anyone who has bought this variety of tofu is urged to throw it away, even if they cooked it, because the toxic spores can survive cooking.

A Health Department spokewoman said neither patient has died of the illness, but declined to comment on their condition. She also declined to name the Flushing store where the two bought the tofu.


Anonymous said...

Like I always said, it's dangerous to be a vegetarian. I'll stick with the Peking duck...

georgetheatheist said...

You mean that tub of water with the tofu in it is not for washing your hands? I'll be darned!

Gotham City Reviews said...

Someone could have even emptied their bladder (or worse) in that tub of tofu water.

Who's to know if it's "stinky tofu"?

The Chinese aren't known for their cleanliness.

That's why I prefer immaculate Japanese cuisine over Chinese "haute cuisine".

Ms. Masingil said...

It's the douche water that gives it the flavor.

Anonymous said...

Flushing makes everybody sick except its local Chinese peasant residents.

They're used to this sort of living in the old country.

They dump all kinds of waste into the streams and rivers they drink from.

Anonymous said...


And we don't???

Anonymous said...

"And we don't?"

Uh...who's "we" bub...
and what do we do...uh, specifically?