Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bloomie really wants a 4th term

From the Daily News:

For a guy who made billions keeping track of financial information, Mayor Bloomberg seems to be having a little trouble keeping his numbers straight.

During his weekly radio appearance Friday, Bloomberg - who's seeking a third term and has promised to stop there - made a reference to plans for a FOURTH term.

WOR Radio host John Gambling asked the incumbent independent about his new "Gateway to the Middle Class" campaign plan, which would have 120,000 New Yorkers graduating community colleges by 2020.

"Community colleges are really a step for a lot of people," Bloomberg began. Then the mayor stepped in it.

"We did it as part of something where I was trying to lay out in the campaign [what] you would do in a fourth term, which I think you have a responsibility to do," he continued.

"So let me talk about that another time, because otherwise it gets too close to the campaign," he demurred.

Bloomberg spokesman Stu Loeser - for the second time in as many weeks - insisted the mayor has absolutely no interest in a fourth term, and had simply meant to refer to his hopes to score a third.


Anonymous said...

4th term???

This ass wants to be mayor for life....

That's why he needs to be stopped dead in his tracks NOW.

Anonymous said...

Dictatorship ceases when the Dicktator is hung by the masses.

Anonymous said...

This litter turd has some nerve. Doesn't care about the will of the people. It's always what he wants and when he wants it. If you don't agree with him, he'll just throw money at you and buy you out. Please DUMP him this November and stop him in his tracks. What a little dictator!

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Mike Bloomberg's Napoleon complex makes a freudian slip.

Watch my youtube series from the sham set up by The Villager and NYU the real estate magnate for Mike Bloomberg's mini me Christine Quinn. Quinn it is believed was given the "heads up" on the debate from The Villager so she could stack the audience with her audience and than she had NYU turning away everyone else from the press including NY1 to a senior citizen handicapped long term community member in a wheel chair until I told them I just filme them turning him away and it went on YouTube and is going to the press along with fellow community members yelling "This is an outrage!" to Norman Siegel calming talking with NYU. The gentleman was allowed in finally but many people including the press with passes were kept out. It is not like NYU doesn't own most of the East and West Village and has plenty of spaces to host a larger turn out but it seemed their goes was like NYU's pres. running to testify Mike Bloomberg must stay in office a third term....

Just so wrong...and as if we aren't living in a democracy anymore.

There is a complete series, here is just one YouTube from the Quinn-NYU--The Villager who hosted the debate debacle aka knows as business as usual by the Bloomberg administration and mega real estate brokeres and the media even a little rag like The Villager - guilty guilty guilty!

Anonymous said...

Look at that frenzied Bonaparte!

His openly stated desire for a fourth term is his other foot in his mouth!

That's gonna piss off a lot of undecided voters and show this egotistical power hungry runt up for the sawed off despot he really is!

Mike's big mouth may have just cost him his 3rd term.

Anonymous said...

I say hang your Dicktator by his dick #2...if it can be found!

Anonymous said...

Elect rich assholes who won't take a salary and see what you get? Did any one of you who voted for a mega billionaire elitist actually think he'd represent your interests? Corporate interests and his own ego are at the top of the pile. Are our communities in the outer boroughs better or worse since he took over?