Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bloomberg: "Bill and Tony who?"

From WCBS880:

Billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he's not really running against anyone in this year's mayoral election.

The Republican-turned-independent is casting the other candidates as irrelevant and says his campaign is a lone effort to advertise his record since taking office in 2002.

He says the Democratic candidates who debated Wednesday night "wasted an opportunity" by attacking him instead of saying why they want to be mayor.

At least, he heard that's what they said. He didn't watch the debate because he said he wasn't curious to hear what his potential challengers had to say.

So why are you spending so much money on this election?


Anonymous said...

Man, this guy has contempt for us - the democratic process - and he is aided and abetted by the rich, the media, our our own Queens politicans.

They think we are scum.

Of couse, the fact the Tony pointedly asked how he, and no one else, got fabulously wealthy since he got into office, and in good Honest Graft Fashion, this happened, it would be a good excuse to say "debate, what debate, I did not hear of a debate".

Notice how it was ignored by the media this morning?

Lots of info about how to view the remains of the Son of Chappaquedak tho.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere, in all theat Psycho-babble, Bloomie has a bit of a point. I did not see the whole thing either, so someone please feel free to correct me, but NY!'s lead story this morning was how Avella and Thompson attacked the Mayor and didn't really flesh out their positions. Doesn't the dem primary come before the general election? If I was a dem, I wouldn't know who to vote for. Since I'm not, I still don't know who to vote for because I'm not voting for the Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how big is he ego? This guy really thinks he's God's gift to New Yorkers. Please vote this arrogant ass out on Election Day.

Missing Foundation said...

I think that someone who wants to turn back the clock (Section 8 Housing should be expanded - Thompson) or something mindblowingly new (free subway fare should be examined - no rent increase for a year - Avella) have said some newsworthy things


we dont want that now - oh no, every scrap of news has to revolve around the word 'Mike', good or bad.


Anonymous said...

Queens Crap,
I have been looking through some of the older posts on your blog, especially ones concerning the overdevelopment of the lower density neighborhoods, such as "Old Briarwood" vs. "New Briarwood." As I do not live in New York City, my question is who is exactly moving into these "New Briarwood" developments. I just can't imagine that middle-class Americans would choose to raise families in these. Are they all immigrants? Just curious...

Anonymous said...

Oh the inhumanity!

Anonymous said...

This thread is about the debate, and how Bloomberg made BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in a few short years .. not old vs new Briarwood.

Anonymous said...

"So why are you spending so much money on this election?"

'Cause he knows a LOT of people hate him.

Snake Plissskin said...

Lets be like a dog about those billions.

Very odd and in plain sight.

How DID he do it?

Lets ask over and over and (like his commericals) ad nausim.

Anonymous said...

Actually on NY1 this morning I heard the clip of Avella asking the question of how Bloomberg got richer these past years without noticing the impending financial crisis.

I'm also seeing quite a number of repeats of the story that the majority of us find his ads annoying. I pray that turns into votes for his opponent in November.

Ann Onymous said...

You can't help but see a Bloomtard ad every few minutes on TV. I wonder how many people can see through the bull and realize that most of the promises that he is making fall out of the mayor's jurisdiction i.e. MTA issues. I thought the debate was very enlightening and if it comes to pass (and I personally hope it doesn't)that Avella does not get the nod, I would vote for Thompson over Bloomtard. I hope that as time passes, more and more New Yorkers will be exposed to the little dicktator's arrogant attitude and short temper.

Madame Ponzi said...

That anti-democracy little schemer has a Facebook group also, so we know just who the Bloombergistas are, and who bears watching.

Anonymous said...

Snake, you might be on to something.

How about Crappy examining Tony's ideas and contrast them with (fuck the little people) Blumbturd, and (back to the future) ol retro Bill.

Write letters to the Queens newspapers demanding that they disccuss these points and that they print your letters in the Letter to the Editor requesting that they get real.

Their coverage of this election sucks. Our future is at stake. What this man has done is reprehensible. What he is about to do is inexcusible.

Oh yes, send a copy of your letter to Crappy.

And folks, stop singing to the choir here. It does no good.

Act up dammit!

Anonymous said...

When was the last time a political figure in New York City was assasinated?

Anonymous said...

It just amazes me that the little fag Bloomberg did'nt attend the debate and let everyone knows his accomplishments since being mayor... He can run but he can't hide. It will all catch up in Novemeber when he is voted out of office. I can't wait till then!

Anonymous said...

ugh if only i could vote

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...
Gee tiime to watch my first YouTube again,
"Mayor Bloomberg King of New York".
He is not going to break any laws, just change them."
Vote the little emperor of NYC out of office!!!!!

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Found an Asian website with my YouTubes and here was the one where I am on the steps of City Hal and I get to yell at Mike Bloomberg

Anonymous said...

Stop this whining people, it sounds stupid.

You got to bait him. You got to write letters embarrassing the media for the piss poor job.

If you don't you know what? He will win cause he called your bluff.

And if that happens, he deserves to win and whatever he and his developer buddies do to you, you deserve it.

PizzaBagel said...

At least, he heard that's what they said. He didn't watch the debate because he said he wasn't curious to hear what his potential challengers had to say.

Of course he didn't watch the debate. He's Mr. "I Work 24/7 For Just $1 A Year And Have No Time To Watch TV Like The Little People."

Anonymous said...

"You got to bait him. You got to write letters embarrassing the media for the piss poor job."

That is the best idea I've heard in a long time. Why don't we all do that? Write to every paper you can think of and voice your opinions. God knows they won't put anything like the TRUTH on their front page.

Blog, write and call the newspapers and make a stink! It will make a difference. I really believe a lot of New Yorkers simply don't know.

Anonymous said...

OK. OK. We get it. Who here is a master baiter? Someone here must be able to hold their own against these dictators.