Thursday, August 27, 2009

The evidence was right there



City Knew Shulman was Using EDC Funds to Lobby

Daily News October 5, 2008
Willets Point group claims Claire Shulman is lobbying illegally

From the Daily News Article in 2008:
City law defines lobbying as efforts to influence elected officials or the Planning Commission on issues such as zoning or real estate "subject to city regulation."

At the Planning Commission hearing on Willets Point in August, Shulman said: "I hope you will strongly consider adding your voices to those people supporting this project."

Shulman has vowed to meet every Council member before they vote on the plan next month.

The City's Answer to Willets Point Group Claiming in 2008 that City Funds were being used to lobby the Planning Board and the City Council
"The spokesman noted the city funds dozens of similar groups that "promote local economic growth and job creation." Daily News October 8, 2008

What did the City Clerks Office Find with their Investigation in 2008?

"Acting City Clerk Michael McSweeney declined to comment. But a source said the City Clerk's office is "looking into it." DN October 8, 2008

The Daily News should ask for the files of the City Clerks investigation. Did they write a letter to the mayor's office looking into to the illegal lobbying charge?


Anonymous said...

Throw them all in the clink!

Anonymous said...

Who will

The machine is the the law the police and the government

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to reading about this in the Queens weeklies, aren't you?

If its not there, drop them a note and ask why - even better if you list the moronic crap they feed us and challenge them as to why they think that is news.

Oh, yes, drop Crappy a copy.

Anonymous said...

Most of the queens weeklies get ads from the court. Some weeklies rely on that money to exist. Who controls the queens courts. Who elects every Judge in Queens. The queens democratic party. If a weekly every writes anything against them or their candidate they they go out of business.

That is why they print whatever parkside tells them to

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Bravo for you for reporting the news and for your stamina!