Thursday, August 27, 2009

Police looking for lunchtime killer

From NY1:

Police are looking for the person who they say shot and killed a 32-year-old-man inside a Chinese restaurant in the Rockaways Monday afternoon.

Investigators say the man was shot several times in the head while getting something to eat at the restaurant in Arverne.

Friends tell NY1 the man has an 11-year-old son and had just moved back to New York from Virginia.

"I lived here. I moved out of here four years ago. It's very dangerous. You cannot sleep. The bullets are always flying through the windows. You cannot let your kids outside," said Sandra Trammell, a family friend. "This is very dangerous here."

What are you talking about, Sandra? Crime is down! Haven't you seen the stats or been listening to the mayor? So just forget that lately we seem to have multiple murders a day and shootings in broad daylight. Okay? There's a mayoral campaign going on.


Anonymous said...

You think that murders are up because of the occasional news story about a murder? Even though the actual number of murders, as reported, is down? You think that the police are just not reporting MURDERS? That is just not a serious assertion.

Anonymous said...

I went to see an apartment out there. nothing is there, I mean nothing. not a phone booth, not a deli, not a pizzeria.

supposedly all these stores and other attractions are going to be built. I saw new condos/houses under construction and beautiful old seaside stores, piers & cottages being torn down. I felt I was down south in Mississippi or Alabama. there was a welfare office and a gas station somewhere down the road. When I asked the person we were visiting where she went grocery shopping, she pointed out the window 2 miles away. NOTHING was in between but the sand & ocean.

I am sure the condos /houses will be in compounds that are protected by paid security with plenty of surveillance cameras.

the solution? real paying jobs with benefits. no one has steady work out there