Sunday, August 30, 2009

He's a round-the-clock rescuer

From the Daily News:

Saving lives is Bobby Horvath's work and his passion.

A 15-year veteran with the New York City Fire Department, Horvath has a busy job as a firefighter at Engine 264/Ladder 134 in Far Rockaway, Queens.

But when he's not at the firehouse, Horvath has his hands full as a wildlife rehabilitator, rescuing all kinds of birds and animals in the city and on Long Island.

He's also one of a select group of licensed rehabilitators that the city Parks Department and New York City Animal Care and Control count on when they have a hawk, a coyote or even a bobcat.

Yup, you read that last one right.

Horvath has assisted in some of the most unusual rescues around the city.


Anonymous said...

Good people in Queens. Nice to see.

Anonymous said...

This is a REAL New Yorker!

Anonymous said...

What does the picture have to do with this guy? He saves the bird from the conrete? It was in some kind of imminent danger?

Queens Crapper said...

He rehabilitates hurt animals and re-releases them.

Anonymous said...

Look The Unisphere basin is clean AND filled with clean water !

Anonymous said...

It was in some kind of imminent danger?
The birds had to go in order to turn the Unisphere fountans on for the Tennis fans and US Open TV cameras.
Mayor Orders

The MTA LIRR also cut down so many trees (so they dont have to trim them) the birds make do with nests

Anonymous said...

Nice story. Need these little reminders that there are some good people out there!

FlooshingRezident said...

Really nice story. Animal rescuers are the best.Nice contrast to the old Italian guy in my neighborhood that poisoned all the local neutered cats.