Friday, August 28, 2009

Meet the human ashtray

From the Daily News:

A cigarette-puffing magician is planning to lick his 40-year habit with a stunt that's sure to make his audience gag - by turning himself into a human ashtray.

Richie Magic, 53, plans to set a new record tomorrow by snuffing out 200 lit cigarettes in his mouth and chewing them in front of a Queens magic shop.

He intends to quit smoking after the mouth-charring event at Rogue Magic and Fun Shop in Elmhurst at 8:30 p.m. He wants the stunt to burn a message in the minds of teens.

"I want them to know that if you smoke, your mouth will look, feel and smell like a human ashtray," said Magic, 53.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Crappy.

I'm literally nauseous from that photo.

Queens Crapper said...

If that makes you nauseous, check back at noon.

Taxpayer said...

To quote my dog: Barf, barf, barf!

Unknown said...

Raise the taxes on a pack of cigarettes to $20. That means a lucy will cost a kid $2. That'll work just as well to get kids to stop smoking.

Anonymous said...

What a complete horse's ass he is.