Thursday, August 27, 2009

Upstate getting the Blues

From the NY Post:

Records show at least 153 New Yorkers actively registered in both New York City and at their upstate homes voted in the 20th Congressional District's special election in March, 76 percent of whom were enrolled Democrats, according to elections records obtained by The Associated Press. Nearly 250 more in the district are actively registered upstate and down, but didn't vote in that particular election.

It's illegal to be registered in two places at once, but the state Board of Elections said it probably happens because New York City boroughs are behind on eliminating voters from the city database after they switch their registration.

The board said people are legally required to vote from their primary residence, but that's not clearly defined.


Anonymous said...

They vote twice and still we wind up with these crooked senators? Maybe they shouldn't vote once, let alone twice.

Snake Plissskin said...

Just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to voter say nothing of a good portion of our representatives who live elsewhere but come back to the farm to milk the cow.

Lino. Democrat said...

The slow takeover of upstate by NYC residents has been ongoing for over a decade....and there is a certain poetic vengeance to it. Thanks to Joe "Jailbird" Bruno and co's weakening of NYC rent reg's an increasing number of working class are finding the cheap houses up there and putting up with a two-hour+ commute.

I have met several such people in our restaurant locations and, -all- cited the cost of housing as prime reason.

"Records show at least 153 New Yorkers actively registered in both New York City....."

WOW! A whole 153!!! That will surely be enough to counteract all the ballot stuffing that goes on in those little hamlets up there.

The fact that some may still be registered here in NYC is not necessarily's often just laziness and an assumption that "the system" will just transfer their registration.

In our building people often -sell- their apts, move out and still leave their utilities connected.

Look at it this way...we have been dominated by upstate hicks and their republican pols for over four decades...we are now solving this problem.