Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Throgs Neck construction fatality

From WCBS880:

A construction worker has died while on working on the Throgs Neck Bridge.

The worker was pinned under the boom of a crane.

Additional details of the accident weren't immediately available.

The northbound lanes of the bridge were closed after the incident. The bridge connects Queens to the Bronx.

The Throgs Neck is undergoing renovation this summer, and the work has been plagued by trouble.

In July, a fire started by a worker's blowtorch shut down the bridge and caused significant damage. Some sections didn't reopen to heavy trucks until recent weeks.


Nelson S said...

That bridge is cursed; there's been more problems than have actually been solved. I live close to the Throgs and the Whitestone bridges and the traffic for either one has been pretty bad

Anonymous said...

This totally sucks cant get the equipment into the park for tonights show under the bridge (Bronx side)

Live music of Eric Clapton and Cream
Free Concert @ Bicentennial Veteran's Memorial Park 7:00 -10PM(free outdoor show)

Steve said...

That's why this sucks?? A guy lost his life....

sjoe said...

I'm sure most of the "higher-income", pretentious and/or materialistic drones among NYC's population care about this tragedy or what his family is going through.

A good portion of NYC is a selfish cultural "crapper" full of self-worship and detachment from the emotion for others. Just look at what Anonymous said (only worried about their show). Which their show is probably horrible and sounds like crappy karaoke but in a PARK! That's makes it so much better!

Anonymous said...

The Victim and the family are a GIVEN
It sucks because the city doesn’t know what its doing and EVERYBODY suffers.
Crooked contractors, illegal workers.
---- That’s the root of these problems.
A qualified inspector (as in engineer not just a licensed moron) should have been on that sight.
Traffic is messed up all the way into Northern Blvd

Why are these unstable cheap Chinese cranes still in use in the first place let alone on a bridge.

BTW: The show is members of Cream, Alan Parsons, Leslie West and Ace Frehley playing free for the people.
..not Krap Kareoke

Anonymous said...

God bless William Barnes and his family..... Peace to his family and friends.

linda said...

it's so sad that this person is more worried about a concert and not the man or his family who are suffering today. i know how it feels to lose someone and he was a construction worker also. the family will endure pain forever but concerts will go on. i can't believe you are so rude and hello there are other ways to get the equipment to the show, dumb ass.

Anonymous said...

BTW: The show is members of Cream, Alan Parsons, Leslie West and Ace Frehley playing free for the people.
..not Krap Kareoke

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Big deal, you selfish idiot.

-Joe said...

I was the OP on this I was on a PDA
Like I said the personal loss was A GIVEN!
Concert ?
Well one person and family didn’t make last nights concert— It was Billy.
I wasnt told till after.

Billy Barnes was a friend of mine. I hope you all feel better now.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous moron said:
"Why are these unstable cheap Chinese cranes still in use in the first place let alone on a bridge."

I say:
This is not a Chinese product. It happens to be a highly sophisticated Austrian Product. A cable didn't snap, the boom didn't break, it is obvious to someone that knows the product that this unfortunate person lost his life from improper operation of the equipment. He obviously did not read the manual or look at the decal (with pictures for the illiterate) on how to unfold the boom into a working position.

I feel bad for his family, but it's not the City's fault, inspectors, or corruption sometimes we need to be responsible for ourselves.

If you go out to your car open the door put your hand in the door and slam it, it's your fault no one else's fault.

The Perecman Firm said...

Not only are construction workers being killed by crane accidents left and right, but innocent bystanders are also being put in harms way. It is important that construction companies make sure that people will be safe on construction sites and it is the duty of New York construction accident lawyers to continue to fight for construction site safety in New York.