Monday, August 24, 2009

West Nile spraying tonight

Forgot to tell you guys that the West Nile spraying that was scheduled for last week in Maspeth, Middle Village, Elmhurst, Glendale and Ridgewood was postponed due to the threat of rain. It will be happening tonight instead into tomorrow morning. So stay inside if possible!


Anonymous said...

Those helicopters need to converg on the 7500 sq foot mansion at 17 E 79th St.
Perhaps they can drop a couple "big ones"
Hopefully voters will get rid of Hitler II and his possie puppets

Those pilots going in low and around the trees, down in marshes are usually ex Vietnam guys

Anonymous said...

ummmmm...... wackjob!

M Bloomtard said...

Will those of you NOT planning to vote for me please breath deeply. Your cooperation is gratuitously appreciated! I need to make room for more sheeple.