Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Doctoroff's dirty deal with Shulman

From the Neighborhood Retail Alliance:

Now hold it one second. Shulman's group was set up to grease the wheels for the redevelopment effort that the Bloombergistas have been proposing for Willets Point-a plan that involves telling 250 businesses and 2500 workers to simply. "Hit the Road Jack!" Shulman, for her part, was all over this effort, hectoring city council members and testifying on behalf of the city's plan before relevant review bodies. Yet this LDC flatly stated in a federal filing that-contrary to its stated charter-that it wouldn't be lobbying at all!

Sounds like a crime was committed here-and what's with the city's own seemingly large fine? The largest lobbying fine in New York City's history and no press release? After all, the fine was levied in April and no one was even aware of the fine for the attempted end run of the law until August?

...what we have here is apparently a collusion between Doctoroff-already burned by his West Side Stadium failure-and Shulman to set up an illegal lobbying effort with city funds. And EDC, which acted as the midwife of this illegal pact, should have known better since all of the LDC's paper work must be vetted by the agency before any funds are remitted.

So, when Shulman was doing all of this lobbying as the point person for the city's effort, was everyone asleep?

Smell test anyone? Please don't insult our intelligence. And if what EDC is saying has any validity whatsoever, than why hasn't the agency shut down the illegal operation that was misusing the funds it was given? Why is this LDC still in business-with Shulman now registered to lobby on it behalf?

The entire Willets Point redevelopment effort is revealed for what it is-an illegal heist, the kind that is known in law enforcement parlance as, "an inside job." And the city's own role-not to be diminished at all-was aided and abetted by some of the very firms that stood to benefit from the eviction of the existing companies.

This is beginning to look like one big criminal enterprise-and perhaps Cuomo needs to expand his purview; because if the LDC has been functioning outside the law, there an entire cohort of co-conspirators that need to be brought to justice, beginning with Doctoroff himself.

Photo from NY Magazine


Ann Onymous said...

Will the city's prison system run out of orange jumpsuits? What size is Bloomturd? I'm sure he'll insist on a "tweed" outfit...

Taxpayer said...

We need expert advice on the idea of instituting a private RICO case in court.

Any attorneys reading this with some suggestions for steps to take?

Taxpayer said...

And, to eliminate the probability of NY State courts being just as corrupt as these corrupt city and state officials, a private RICO case can be instituted starting at the federal level.

Anonymous said...

Where are the Feds? Did Bloomberg buy them too?

Anonymous said...

what scumbags we have in this city we voted them in lets get them out