Thursday, August 27, 2009

Liu has long history of bending the truth

From the Daily News:

Queens City Councilman John Liu told yet another version of his childhood in a sweatshop Monday and now says his mother worked at home "most of the time."

It's a vastly different story than he's told in TV ads about how he and his mom toiled long hours in sweatshops to "make ends meet."

Liu casts his parents as struggling immigrants forced to do menial work after arriving from Taiwan in the early 1970s and routinely says his father, Joseph Liu, had to become a "low level" bank clerk after leaving the Bank of Taiwan, which sent him to New York for an education.

But when Joseph Liu later became a top executive in the Great Eastern Bank, the bank issued financial documents in 1990 that described his background differently:

"In November 1972, [Joseph Liu] joined Hokkaido Takushoku Bank as an International Officer, helping to establish a new money center in New York," the bank reported. "He was in charge of most of the departments in that Bank until 1983."

The bank document does not say how much Liu's father earned but records show the family bought a house in Bayside in 1977 with a $58,000 mortgage.

Liu's father and three other Great Eastern Bank execs were convicted of bank fraud in 2001.

On Tuesday, Liu's mother recanted her earlier statements.


Anonymous said...

I think that if the citizens of NYC vote Liu into the office of Comptroller then they will have no right to be surprised when Johnny Boy does to the city what his daddy did to the bank he ran.

Anonymous said...

He's not a liar,he's a revisionist,uh.................uses a little hyperbole,uh,wait he's a just an opportunist scumbag!

Anonymous said...

When your own mother calls you a liar its pretty bad. Not to mention the fact that his dissed his hard-working mother who put her son first.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I am looking forward to reading more about this in the Queens weeklies, aren't you?

Maybe a letter to the editor of each newspaper congratulating them for their coverage.

Anonymous said...

Comptroller candidate John Liu is leading in the "poles," which is not a good place to be.

Liu's campaign was slapped with 587 summonses by the Sanitation Department for plastering the city's utility poles with his campaign posters.

Each summons carries a $75 fine, so the Queens councilman owes $44,025.

John LIU has no respect for the law and is DISHONEST. He lied about working in a sweat shop, One of his many lies. His father was convicted of BAnk Fraud. And he takes money from Business owners that practices these sweatshop practices. now he and his goons are calling the DN report Erin racists for exposing the truth. We can't trust liu the liar with our money

Anonymous said...

LIU is a crook. he has bought the dumb vote with his backdoor dealings with Al Sharpon and Charles Rangel and the others. Now they are accusing the DN of racial profiling Liu when Liu hates black people. People are so stupid

Anonymous said...

There is more to this "sweatshop" then is being told.

Joe said...

John Liu's father was convicted of defrauding a bank out of over a million dollars. With all that money, why was the family of this bank officer working in a sweatshop?

Would you be surprised if other members of the bank where John Liu's father worked contributed heavily to Liu's campaign?

Who is the real John Liu?