Tuesday, August 25, 2009

All in the family


City Councilman Eric Gioia's campaign has paid more than $160,000 to the fund-raising firm run by his wife for his current run for public advocate, records show.

His campaign has paid the Esler Group, run by his wife, fund-raiser Lisa Hernandez Gioia, $162,812, campaign-finance board filings reviewed by The Post show.

The campaign said the payments are in line with a CFB advisory opinion the campaign sought out at the beginning of the race. The opinion said the Gioia campaign "specifically asks for guidance regarding the proper treatment of Ms. Hernandez Gioia's volunteered personal services," as well as the campaign's use of the company's facilities, equipment, supplies, and employee services," according to the opinion.

Nice racket.

Photo from City Hall News


Anonymous said...

Got a call from them asking me to donate my time to his election effort.

Indicated that he never responded to my request for support for my projects.

When I mentioned groups we serve in his district (with no support from him) the campaigner never heard of them.

She was from the Bronx.

Anonymous said...

Please use some for an Orthodontist.This city is ouy of control!

Anonymous said...

He cleared it with various agencies first, I think we are reaching on this one.

In the slimey world of politics, wouldn't you rather hire family than a group that you have to hire through extortion from your County Chairman?

Unknown said...

Eric Gioia is the least objectionable of any of the candidates, in my opinion.

Still, despite being "cleared" this doesn't look good. I suppose it is hard keeping one's nose clean when so much money is involved.

Anonymous said...

James, why do you hold a man in such high opinion when viturally everyone I talk to in his district hold him up to scorn.

And this is in Queens, were pols are regarded as demi-gods.

Anonymous said...

wasnt she lisa esler ? who is hernandez ? i mean when you get married sometimes a woman keeps her maiden name. who and what is hernandez ?

Anonymous said...

This guy is a useless politician. Get him to an orthodontist, while he has a job as a politician. Come November, Queens is dumping him. At least his wife works for developers. Hope she has dental in her family plan.

Anonymous said...

are there any dentists in woodside ? are those teeth or a bear trap ?

Anonymous said...

True to form for the blog: personal insults while the posts hide behind "anonymous"

Can we amp up the smart talking points???

Anonymous said...

How about Eric Gioia ran as the anti-machine candidate then joined the marching band the day after he was elected?

How about Eric Gioia endorsed Marge Markey in a race where his own cousin - the cousin whose name he used to help himself get elected - was running against her?

How about despite representing part of Maspeth and being invited many times to civic meetings, Mr. Gioia didn't show up to one?

How about Eric Gioia never sends a rep to CB5 meetings although part of his district is in CB5?

How about doing something for the taxpayers of the district instead of hanging out in the projects all the time promising handouts?

How about stopping overdevelopment instead of blaming Con Ed when the infrastructure can't handle it?

How about the lame "I know what it's like to live on food stamps" press events? I know what it's like to be middle class because "I was a doorman and in the union" line? How about you grew up middle class because you grew up and went to Catholic school in Queens? Why doesn't that make it into the campaign lit? Ashamed of being from Queens, Doorman?

Queens Crapper said...

No he's ashamed of having gone to a Catholic high school. You're supposed to go to public school and send your kids there, according to the UFT. He wants their endorsement.

Anonymous said...

geez. i mean hes a nice looking guy. where did he find her from ? yikes.

Anonymous said...

if those gums vote, he wins

Anonymous said...

If it seems improper, why use this particular agency? When is it going to stop!

Anonymous said...

Councilman Gioia's wife's maiden name isn't even Hernandez--it's Esler,as in The Esler Group, but they thought that if she was a Hernandez,it would make him more appealing to the hispanic voters. Idiots.