Sunday, August 23, 2009

1969 Mets honored at Citifield

From Fox 5:

Mets fans and current players paid tribute to some baseball greats at Citi Field Saturday: The 1969 Miracle Mets who went all the way to win the World Series, just a few scant years away from an embarrassing start as an expansion club.

In all, 21 players and coaches lined the arc just behind the infield dirt at Citi Field, which is hosting its first season, the AP reported. The park the '69 Mets called home -- Shea Stadium -- is gone; it was demolished during the off-season to make way for a parking lot.

Among those who were honored: Yogi Berra, Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan, Jerry Grote, Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman, and Duffy Dyer.


Anonymous said...

why didnt they pose in the Jackie Robinson rotunda he played on that team didnt he

georgetheatheist said...

They forgot to mention Freddie Fahrquard, Ernie Bederndern, and Hugo Tutamazzatuttaquanda..

Anonymous said...

No he didnt play on that team.

Screw Seaver. He refused to visit Vietnam vets bc he opposed the war. These people were Americans that were drafted and lost limbs as a result. By not giving them some solace as a celebrity makes you a SCUMBAG!!

I am a diehard Met fan. I was so happy to see Harrelson and the rest. I have always loved them Seaver might be the most accomplished Met stat wise, but he is the least accomplished America wise.

I am not a rally around the flag kinda guy, but ignoring injured vets, is really horrible. Kranepool went. Stearns went Seaver said no.

panzer65 said...

Nolan Ryan in a Mets uniform...there's a shock!

Anonymous said...

Wow...the loser Mets fans couldn't even show up and sell the game out for their Amazin's. Pretty lame...