Friday, August 21, 2009

Bloomie pisses off restaurant workers


A group of fed-up restaurant workers yesterday took aim at Mayor Bloomberg for touting that he was endorsed by their boss -- whom they're suing for allegedly cheating them out of wages and tips.

Lawyer Justin Swartz, who represents the Mama Mexico workers, blasted Bloomberg's praise of owner Juan Rojas Campos on his Web site.

"Mr. Rojas Campos' 'American dream' story, as Mayor Bloomberg calls it, isn't very American at all," Swartz said.

Bloomberg's campaign spokesman declined to comment, as did a rep for Mama Mexico.

1 comment:

Taxpayer said...

What else would we expect from this arrogant Commissar?

He thinks all those who actually work for a living are just morons who don't deserve to be paid for anything. He does expect that the unpaid workers pay their taxes, though.

As for the workers' master?

Now, there's someone who must be important. He knows how to cheat the workers, and kiss up to the Commissar.

What did he get from the kissing fest? Health inspectors ordered to overlook cockroaches in the food? Rat shit on the dinnerware? Use of trans-fat? Smoking while dining?

Always a quid pro quo with the mighty Commissar!

Do we need to keep this tantrum throwing, lying little dwarf for a third term?

Are we too stupid to take control of our own lives?

Can we do it?