Monday, August 20, 2007

Centerville still waiting after all these years

Almost 25 years ago, the city’s depart- ments of Trans- portation, Envir- onmental Protection and Design and Con- struction began discussing a massive project to replace streets, sidewalks, curbs and pedestrian ramps in Ozone Park. The city determined that the community, which rain water often flooded, needed new water main and sanitary sewer systems and a storm sewer system.

Still Waiting For New Ozone Park Streets

Roughly 15 years ago, construction crews completed HWQ411A, which involved doing similar work in the Howard Beach-Ozone Park area. Residents of Centerville, the 28-block neighborhood east of Aqueduct Race Track, west of Crossbay Boulevard, south of Linden Boulevard and north of the Conduit, are still waiting.

Photo from Queens Chronicle

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Anonymous said...

Only waiting 25 years, eh? What are you complainin' about?