Saturday, August 25, 2007

Corporal punishment

The 4 corners of 39th Avenue and Corporal Kennedy Street in Bayside feature 4 different distinct architectural styles. Unfortunately, Art Crappo is one of them:



Anonymous said...

Bet the builder does not live in the community and makes generous political donations.

What happened to all the downzoning hoopla? Better get it done soon as I understand his fees have jumped!!

Now only a politician can afford it!

KG2V said...

I remember that Art Crapo going up, what, 2-3 years ago. I used to live on 43rd and 211, so....

Anonymous said...

corporal punishment - you said it!

Anonymous said...

"The Architects Could Not Care"

Anonymous said...

Some of the builders you see around our borough
these days.... live in Great Neck, Old Brookville,
Glen Cove, Old Westbury etc.

You think they'd tolerate this kind of defecation
in their own backyards ?

They come to Queens to strip mine for opportunities!

Anonymous said...

I pass this crap every day... My favorite part of these beautiful new edifices are the wall a/c sleeves. The developer of these two families couldn't even spring for central....

Can only imagine the selling price.