Saturday, August 25, 2007

'Cat & mouse game' at Deutsche building

Safety rules were broken with impunity at the Deutsche Bank building because tipped-off supervisors had workers hide violations from inspectors, asbestos-removal crew members said yesterday.


"Whenever an inspector would arrive, you could hear them on the radio saying, 'There is a cat in the building. There is a cat in the building.' It was like a game of cat and mouse," said a 40-year-old asbestos worker who was employed by the John Galt Corp. at the structure.

Bronx-based John Galt was fired on Wednesday, but was still on site Thursday, when one of its workers dropped a 300-pound pallet jack from the 23rd floor that nearly killed two firefighters below.

William Corbetis, 50, of Engine Co. 258 in Long Island City, Queens, remained in the intensive-care unit of St. Vincent's Hospital yesterday but is now breathing on his own.

Neil Nally, 35, who suffered head injuries, was discharged yesterday.

Photo from NY Post


Anonymous said...

What is the surpise?

We have known that this plague of out of control development projects are dangerous for ajoining homeowners and exploited immigrant workers.

Now when it starts to endanger union workers on major projects and the uniform services we open up a potential new source of allies.

A group that cannot be dismissed so easily.

Anonymous said...


For sure this is a shame to lose more lives at WTC.
I want to know what role the eight (8) city, state and federal governmental agency's working on this job, helped in causing this latest disaster.
1) EPA (Federal)
2) OSHA (Federal)
3) DOL (NYS)
4) DEC (NYS)
7) DEP (NYC)
and the LMDC who spent 95 million tax payer dollars to buy this crap property.
The fish rots head first.