Thursday, August 30, 2007

Future of the Elmhurst Library?

The ugly rendering of the proposed new Elmhurst Library was one of my topics of discussion on Curbed today.

Elmhurst's Carnegie Library Stares Demolition In the Eye


Anonymous said...

If they knocked down that apartment highrise and moved the library back away from the curb it would look much better. In any case it's nice at least that they're going to plant trees out front.

Anonymous said...

What are all those books doing in front of that brutal hi-rise?

Wait a minute,with all those developer types on the library board it reminds me about that old limerick about the lesbian and gay fellow: there should be some real fighting over who does what to whom.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a Moscow suburb Soviet style
fertility/abortion medical facility.

This is certainly one for the books.....
pardon me.....correction....definitely not suitable
for the books in this case!

Anonymous said...

The library acts like it's not accountable to the community. As if it knows more about architecture than the people. An example of elitist behavior.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it matter that the library will tear down the 1906 Carnegie library building to built this boring junk? Check out the op-ed at