Saturday, August 25, 2007

Race matters

The Trib reports that Queens is still majority white, although there are less Caucasians moving in here than other races:

Boro Remains White Despite Minority Surge

Meanwhile, Time Out NY asked the average NYer if race mattered and got a resounding "yes": Does Race Matter?

Some are even calling for re-segregation.

Illustration from Time Out NY


Anonymous said...

Excellent work. I wonder is things are as cut and dry as these stories suggest. I think that Sunnyside (north of the blvd), though majority white, is exceedingly diverse. My kids, who are brown, having moved from Berkeley CA, think that their school is "all" latino, though they know and play with Turks, Arabs, Romanians, Indians, Bangladeshis, and Irish kids regularly.

Anonymous said...

The great thing about NYC is its schools as they are the place where kids from backgrounds all around the world go in and all come out as punk American teenagers.

Its a shame that popular culture is getting trashed in the process, but note how those kids all act the same.

In that sense, NYC is a success!

Anonymous said...

I always love how the politicans repeat over and over again how the immigrants are great (mostly for them, of course) but when it comes to politican campaigns, they are more conscience of race than a Boston Brahmin.

They talk about voting patterns that would make George Wallace blush and no one every takes them to task.

Of course, the Irish still call the shots in Queens. A 100 years of changing demographics and some things never change.

Anonymous said...

"Compared to the other boroughs, Queens is right in the middle."

So why is Queens relentlessly marketed as a third world immigrant ghetto and most of its new housing is little more than guest worker barracks?

The machine controls the boro's image, and it is in their best interest that anyone else is scared off.

Anonymous said...

"Overall, Queens has seen a population growth of a modest 1 percent since 2000, with an increase in the minority population during that time period of 3.2 percent"

Who the hell writes this junk, a Columbia jounalism student fresh from the midwest?

The immigrant population is skyrocketing in Astoria (making it an extention of Elmhurst/Corona) and the population has jumped dramaitically continuing its double digit surge since the 70s.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the census bureau statistics contradict all the unverified claims that huge population growth has led to massive overcrowding in Queens these last few years.

Anonymous said...

senseless census

Anonymous said...

You should have heard some of the derogatory
anti African American comments
that have been made in the past by some prominent Democratic machine politicos in downtown Flushing's smoke filled back rooms.....
while they were busy kissing the asses
of the newly arrived Asian voters !

i.e. "We didn't want Flushing to become
a south Jamaica" !

Protecting the property values of prominent white landowners and business leaders by courting Asians to pump up real estate prices was all part of the plan in the early 1980s!

There was no "blight" was manufactured by the
bigoted Flushing Brahmins !

Apparently.....RACE MATTERS here also......
and unspoken the motive seems to be....

Now you may all feel free to brand me a racist
for telling the plain damn truth.....
just like it always has been in this "picture perfect" little hamlet!