Friday, August 24, 2007

Bronx Hall of Waste

The courthouse has been lit up like Times Square all night for months now - and the building isn't even being used yet.

A courthouse or a light-house? Building's June electricity bill was $114,762

"While the city is encouraging New Yorkers to save energy and make our city cleaner and greener, an empty government building has all of its lights on," said Betsy Gotbaum, the city's public advocate. "That's absolutely unacceptable. Here's a simple tip to the city: turn off your lights."

For years, construction problems have plagued the new courthouse, built on a three-block site at E. 161st St. near the Grand Concourse.

By one estimate, the building is two years behind schedule and $75 million over budget.


Anonymous said...

What a living metaphor
of ineptitude and corruption.
All lit up awaiting to dispense "justice" ......
an empty courthouse delivers nothing
but a big electric bill.

It's all show and no blow.....
just another bill for NYC's taxpayers!

Is this to be the 21st century's version of a
new Tweed court house?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. In addition, this thing is UGLY!!!!

Anonymous said...

And the winner for the 2007 Chunk of Junk Award goes to....