Monday, August 20, 2007

CB6 unanimously passes Forest Hills rezone

Isn't it nice to see the Queen of Queens Crap, Melinda Katz, working on behalf of her subjects for a change? It only took her 6 years...

City planning officials first pitched the idea of rezoning to the public last September, after Councilwoman Melinda Katz requested a formal study based on nearly five years of informal research and lobbying by local civic leaders.

CB 6 greenlights Forest Hills rezoning plan

The rezoning brings City Planning's map into better alignment with the existing variety of housing types in the area, which currently has a blanket zone of R3-2 that permits detached and semi-detached buildings up to 35 feet high on lots 18 to 40 feet wide.

Forest Hills Rezone Proposal Gets CB 6’s Unanimous Nod

Plans to preserve the character of the 41-block area - bordered largely by Kessel St. to the north, 69th Ave. to the west and Union Turnpike to the south and east - will go before Borough President Helen Marshall on Aug. 30.

Rezoning plan for Forest Hills draws cheers

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

You see what can be accomplished
by a forceful determined constituency
putting the builders' courtesan Melinda Katz
on the spot as being responsible
for the over development of Forest Hills.....
instead of kissing her ass!

Down zoning is just a start.

You'd better start supporting landmarking
for your district C.M. Katz.....
otherwise you'll be confined to your litter box and
all canoodling privileges will be suspended !

Anonymous said...

Spot zoning must stop.

All it does it push the development into other areas.

Anonymous said...

True.....a major rezoning overhaul is needed PDQ.....
to reflect the true existing character of neighborhoods!

Anonymous said...

I agree. This will only lead to more McMansion Crap on the North Side of Queens Boulevard. It's nearly too late for the North side as it is....It's awful.