Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NJ Senator in lobbying probe

Interesting probe happening over in NJ:

Kay LiCausi worked for [Senator Robert] Menendez from 1998 to 2002.

A grand jury in Newark has subpoenaed hundreds of pages of financial documents from Jersey City Medical Center, which received a variety of public financing when Kay LiCausi, who was an aide to Mr. Menendez while he was in the House of Representatives, lobbied for the hospital. Last week, the grand jury heard testimony from Jonathan Metsch, a former Menendez fund-raiser who was president and chief executive of the hospital when it hired Ms. LiCausi, The Star-Ledger of Newark reported on Sunday.

Inquiry Focuses on Former Aide to Menendez

Ms. LiCausi’s client list includes an array of other organizations that sought public financing or government permit approvals for major projects.

In 2004, several months after she was hired by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Mr. Menendez announced the first of two appropriations totaling $9.5 million to repair the shoreline and extend a berth for the company’s ships.

When questioned last fall about his dealings with Ms. LiCausi and her clients, Mr. Menendez said that his relationship with her did not affect his actions, and that he did not consider it a conflict of interest to obtain tax dollars for companies who hired his fund-raisers as lobbyists.

That's what they all say...

Photo from NY Times

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Anonymous said...

Jersey City.....
now there's a place that has an even longer history for being more crooked than Queens county.

One of its past mayors.....Haig I believe.....
had or was found with a shoe box
full of graft money in his city hall desk.

A man after corrupt Boro Prez Manes' own heart!