Friday, August 17, 2007

The bad old days

Just the mention of the three-decades-old "Son of Sam" slayings still causes some Queens residents to recoil in horror.

Haunted still by Son of Sam

Serial killer David Berkowitz shot 13 people, killing six of them, across the city. Most of his victims were young women.

But Berkowitz focused his attacks in Queens.

By the time the .44-caliber killer was caught 30 years ago this summer, he had shot seven people in four Queens neighborhoods.

Photo from Daily News


Anonymous said...

I'm reluctant to say anything about this guy. He may be in league with the devil for all we know and have dark powers like that guy Suron (sp?) from the Hobbit. Next thing I'd know some black riders on flying horses would come to nab me!

Anonymous said...

One of "The Son of Sam's" murderous locations was a disco/nightclub called "Elephas" on the south side of Northern Blv'd.
(several blocks before Bell Blv'd) in Bayside.
It later became (among other things) a Tony Roma's
rib joint and is currently a Korean Restaurant.

On a lesser scale
we now have the "Son of Tommy Huang"
following in his convict/father's footsteps.
This family has committed capital demolition
of many fine old buildings in various
Queens neighborhoods....
replacing them withsub-standard monstrosities!