Friday, August 31, 2007

Riders give 7 a 'C minus'

The 7 train was graded by its riders, and what was found was that it's overpacked and when there is a problem, no one let's you know what is going on:

Riders give the 7 a C-

In Response to a Rider Survey, More Trains on the 7 Line

Report: Riders give 7 line a grade of C-minus


But we knew that already, didn't we?

Graphic from NY Post


Anonymous said...

And those morons in Hunters Point don't understand all the hoopla on development.

Citys will always change and grow, they say.

To bad the public's grasp of politics doesn't keep pace.

Let 'em stand in a sardine can, or better, examine their logic as they wait for train after train after train ....

Anonymous said...

Only 16,000 riders responded to the survey. I am sure that more than 16,000 riders complain about being inconvenienced when the line breaks down. When another line, in, say, Brooklyn gets 100,000 responses which do you think will be first to see improvements?!

Anonymous said...

All of the categories on the report card
except the last one
can be directly attributed to over development.

Packing the new wave (not like my ancestors)
of unsanitary immigrants into areas like Corona
etc. puts more people on the platforms
than the 3 track #7 system can handle.
(We've already got only a one pipe sewer system
in we need any more overloads?)

Refuse cans are overflowing
along with the population of these already
dense areas!

But.... more people.....
means more votes for the Machine!
(The "natives" won't oblige.... so it's time to import more votes).

Hello Joe Crowley.....finished pumping the shit
out of your basement yet? !!!

Anonymous said...

looks like my old highschool report card.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess...the B- was for gym?

Anonymous said...

Give me you're tired....
your poor....your unwashed.....
pissing on the platforms
and blowing"snot-rockets" into newspapers
before they're finally discarded
on the train seats by exiting passengers!

Sorry Emma!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I did okay in gym, and in lunch, too, which was my favorite subject.