Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More arboricide in Maspeth

Letter to NYC Parks Department and Community Board 5:

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Maspeth's town Christmas tree, which I believe is on NYC Parks Department property at 69th Street and Grand Avenue, was unceremoniously ripped down this past weekend, and a circular wall was built in its place.

This evening I noticed a contractor along with his pickup truck full of equipment on the park plaza. He had just finished cementing the last bricks in place and he told me that the old tree had died, so it had been removed, and that a new fully-grown tree was coming, although he had no idea as to when. I pass that tree often and don't recall it looking dead. In fact, it looked to me like it needed a pruning.

Anyway, I asked him who hired him and who was paying for the construction he said it was a "big secret."

I was expecting to hear him say "the Parks Department," so I am concerned that this was done without Parks' permission.

Am I correct?

Thank you.

Christina Wilkinson
Juniper Park Civic Association

Anyone see a short, pink, bald man with a chainsaw in the vicinity of 69th & Grand this weekend? Just kidding!

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Anonymous said...

a new fully grown tree? Probably more like a 3 foot sappling, like that one Charlie Brown got on that Peanuts holiday special.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a hanging tree should be planted on this spot.

Every town needs a good place
to string up public officials who commit crimes
against their constituents.

Maybe when Pinky gets convicted
this would be a great spot to execute his sentence!

I'll pay for the brass band and, oh yes, lunch is on me!

Anonymous said...

I think that a dunking pond would be appropriate
for this location.

A great way to put the fear of G-d in some of our community board (make that "bored") sellouts!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Maspeth Town Hall did it?

Anonymous said...

The culprit is in the background of the photo. The town bullies. They're still treating us like family...

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Christina comment on this site anymore? Does she dislike us or something? I miss her informed remarks and vigor.

Anonymous said...

pinky was here...

Anonymous said...

...and perhaps Christina too. :)