Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Grand 'Alteration'

Q: Is this building at 82nd Street and Grand Avenue in Elmhurst new construction, or an alteration?

A: An alteration, of course!

Why? Because the builder left one wall of the old structure standing. Can you say loophole? Sure beats applying for, waiting for, and paying for separate demolition and construction permits. (As for the obvious demo... just keep going, we'll skate anyway if someone notices.)

And how about that community facility planned for the 2nd floor?

(Notice that the owner craps in Queens, but lives in Great Neck.)

More on the building in the background coming soon...


Anonymous said...

So, "Hong"is the owner.

The Chinese seem to be showing a great "regard"
for everyone these days aren't they......
Judging by the amount of food & toy recalls
around the globe.

There's an old saying which indicates the
deep rooted seeds of corruption among some Chinese who are very skillful at skirting the law.

"The mountains are high
and the emperor is far away".

Anonymous said...

He certainly won't crap in his own backyard
when there's plenty of latrine space in Queens!

Anonymous said...

Another scam brought to you by the Bloomberg Building Department of NYC.