Sunday, August 19, 2007

Queens actress selling her mansion

Call it country living within city limits: Actress, singer and author Monique Van Vooren is selling her four-bedroom estate, a 2,200-square-foot Mediterranean- style mansion built in 1935 on Oakland Lake in Bayside, Queens.

Actress puts Bayside home on the market

The actress' favorite things about the home, she says, are the architectural touches like the vaulted leather ceilings, wrought iron doors and full-length leaded windows with views of the lake. "It's an old world gem," she says. "You couldn't reproduce it today."

Here are photos of the home.

Photo from Newsday

Thanks to D.M. for the tip.


Anonymous said...

She cashed in her deceased mother's social security payments? What a loser. Bayside will be thankful to be rid of her.

Anonymous said...

back in the day when i was a lad i used to deliver the Long Island Press to that home. the homes around the lake are old and large and well built. sadly a few have been knocked down and built over.

Anonymous said...

Great, can't wait to knock it down. We need more crap.

verdi said...

Tommy Huang has probably already got a bid in !