Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Keep your Queens Crap rat-free

“Trash stays in and rodents stay out,” according to Queens businessperson Joseph (Dee) Dussich, inventor of the Repel-X Bag.

“These bags are made to repel rats and keep them from going through your garbage,” said Dussich, President of JAD Corporation of America, his Jackson Heights firm that wholesales maintenance supplies.

Jackson Heights man invents rat-proof garbage bags

“I love Queens and I made these bags for the people of Queens,” said Dussich.


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Photo from Queens Courier


Anonymous said...

Can you come up with a bag that repels political rats?

They've been feasting on our neighborhoods
along with their real estate buddies and ruining
our quality of life with their monstrous overbuilding!

Anonymous said...

Sounds ridiculous but if it actually works then this guy really invented something useful. Hats off to him.

Anonymous said...


Nice story. One thing is wrong. The company is not in Jackson Heights, it has been located in College Point for 30 years.

The folks at the Courier seem to be geographically challenged. Miss Vickie thinks Stockholm is in Denmark..... They publish a story about a company and get the location wrong.... So much for responsible journalism!

Anonymous said...

Can this guy invent Gallagher-proof underwear for grandmothers?