Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Comm. board votes on Columbia expansion

Members of Community Board 9 last night voted to support a proposal by Columbia University to redevelop the area only if the school abided by 10 conditions.

Harlem board votes for Columbia plan amendments

For example, they want Columbia to build on property it owns and obtained without coercion or eminent domain, to develop an anti-displacement program for residents in their district, to preserve historic buildings and to design eco-friendly facilities.


Anonymous said...

No matter how you slice or dice it.....
this will turn out to be yet another prime example
of a community board selling out its community !

Anonymous said...

Hey, someone in Astoria wanted to put together a town meeting. They called their precinct council. They called their community board. They called their elected officials. They called what goes for civics in western Queens.

No one was home. For weeks!

They are all at their real homes in the countryside....

or perhaps CB1 from Queens (AKA the community board from hell) is on retreat with community boards from around the city to show them how playing the nabe is the only song in town.